Gardening Week-by-Week


April 23 – April 29:
“When the forsythia is in bloom, it’s time to prune.” The week’s poetry reading brought to you by Warner’s Nursery. Seriously, it is time to prune for your plants’ health.

April 16 – April 22:
Keep cool! This is the week to make sure your cool season veggies – like lettuce, kale, broccoli and cabbage – are planted.

April 9 – April 15:
The challenge for all gardeners is extending the growing season. This week our season extenders (similar to Wall o’ Water) are on sale so you can get started early on your tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. Now is the time to plant cool season veggies and start your warm season ones. But remember we are still likely to get frost right into June, so think about frost cloth as well to protect your plants.

April 2 – April 8:
Get started on warm season crops by planting seeds. (Also time to sow those cool season crops outside.) If you haven’t gotten your bareroot plants and seed potatoes in yet, there’s still some time. And perennials have arrived, so stop by to pick some out!March

March 26 – April 1:
Time to get your bareroot plants and seed potatoes into the ground. Continue amending the soil in your garden.

March 19 – 25: MULCH MADNESS!
It might be March Madness for sports fans, but gardeners have Mulch Madness on their minds this time of year. It’s time to add compost to their flower beds and start amending veggie beds to get them ready for this year’s gardens!

March 12 – 18
Time to get ready for Spring (it’s only a week away!) Now is a good time to clean-up the dead foliage on your perennials, rake up those pine needles and leaves, and put down pre-emergent. Also mark your calendar for the free Bare Roots & Potato seminar this Saturday at 10 am.