Gardening Week-by-Week


December 11 – December 17
Don’t forget to water your plants! We’ve had an exceptionally dry Fall and just because your plants are dormant doesn’t mean they aren’t thirsty. During dormancy, plants still have some basic metabolic needs that require getting water from the soil. Until we start seeing some good rains or snows, you need to keep them hydrated.

December 4 – December 10
Maintain your cut or potted Christmas tree. Learn more here.

November 20 – November 26
Watering – it’s been very dry and newly planted trees, shrubs & perennials planted within the last 3-5 years need a drink! Also, get your bulbs planted before the ground freezes, cut back dormant perennials and mulch your flower beds.

November 13 – November 19
Mulch perennials, trim back and remove dead material in yard and garden (to keep spreadable diseases like black spot at bay), and finish planting bulbs.

November 6 – November 12
Put down Ferti-lome Winterizer, cut back dried foliage on perennials and mulch perennial beds.

October 30 – November 5
Cut back perennials that have gone dormant, add compost to garden, and plant spring blooming bulbs.

October 23 – October 29
It’s time winterize – and we’ve got some tips to help you out.

October 16 – October 22
It’s time to give a deep watering to anything that you’ve planted in the past three years. Plus there’s still time to plant spring-blooming bulbs to give your garden color early next year.

October 9 – October 15
Keep planting those bulbs and trees – plus take advantage of mature shrubs that will add color to your garden this fall.

October 2 – October 8
It’s a great time to plant perennials; they’re a great value and they’ll come back bigger in spring