Gardening Week-by-Week


August 21 – August 27
Time to plant! Customers continue to ask if it’s too late, but in fact the soil temperature is warmer now than it is in spring, which means plants will establish root systems. We have new shipments still arriving of many different types of plants, including mums and asters.

August 14 – August 20
Fertilize trees and shrubs now! Make sure to continue watering regularly, now that the monsoon rains have gone

August 7 – August 13
Time to treat powdery mildew and other fungus- Ferti-lome Triple action. Also, time to pull out spent annual flowers and replace them with fresh ones. Warner’s has new shipments of plants arriving weekly.

July 31 – August 6
It’s a great time to plant trees and shrubs. The extra moisture we are getting from the monsoons will help prevent transplant shock.

July 17 – July 30
The recent rains have given the weeds a chance to grow, so you’ll need to spray them. And just because we’re getting rain, doesn’t mean you should stop watering – often the rains aren’t enough to soak the root ball of new plantings. And you should also spray fungicide as increased humidity will cause powdery mildew and black spot.

July 10 – July 16
It’s time to freshen up your annual flowers. Sometimes the heat gets to your plants, so you might need to trim back and fertilize or, if necessary, replant with fresh ones.

July 3 – July 9
It’s all about fertilizing this week. Veggies need feeding once a week, while perennials, shrubs & trees need to be fed about 4 times throughout the growing season. This is especially true during a drought, when plants are more stressed and need nutrients to help them through it.

June 26 – July 2
Make sure to feed your veggie gardens – we like Foxfarm Big Bloom or Sea Grow fertilizer

June 12 – 18
As the mercury climbs, your new and existing plants need to cool off with a good soaking. (Drip irrigation is preferred). And with the danger of frost rapidly declining, so it’s safe to put your transplants out now.

June 5 – 11
Continue spraying for Thrips (see May 30 entry) and plant vegetables.

May 30 – June 4
We hope you had a good holiday weekend! This week’s task is to spray for Thrips, those annoying bugs that gets on lots of stuff, mottling leaves and inhibiting blooms from opening on many flowering plants. We suggest Ferti-lome Triple Action or Ferti-lome Spinosad. Both are organic and effective.

May 22-29
There is still time to get those warm season veggies in the ground. Plus it’s a great time to think about all things tomatoes as Warner’s celebrates Tomatopalooza all week long!

May 15-21
Keep on planting! Enjoy the warmer weather and longer days by spending more time getting your flowers and edibles in the ground. Also a great time to fertilize your trees and shrubs. We suggest Fertilome for great results.

May 8 – May 14
This is a good time to purchase and plant your “warm season” veggies. But the weather is still unpredictable at this time of year, so make sure you also have frost protection.

April 24 – April 30
This last week in April is for the birds – literally! Warner’s can help you bring more birds to your backyard with birdbaths, feeders, seeds (in fact, our 20lb bag of songbird is on sale this week). Remember birds also love yards with lots of trees and shrubs. Happy birdwatching!

April 17 – April 23
Weeds. In a word – ugh! Now that we’re getting some warmer weather, they have started popping up like unruly party crashers in your garden. However, you can combat Chickweed, Dandelion and much more with Weed Free Zone, a terrific Ferti-lome produce we offer at Warner’s. Another plus – Weed Free Zone is formulated to work even with our colder nighttime temps.

April 10 – April 16
Ah, perennials! It’s a great time to start planting these reliable performers that can add a splash of color and last more than two years without being replanted.

It’s also time to start watering your existing plants and for most of you that means hand-watering since it’s not quite safe yet to turn on those drip systems.

April 3 – April 9
Time to start planting your cool season veggies. Cabbage and onions and salad makings, oh my! These are veggies that can tolerate a light frost.

March 27-April 2
Continue to plant potatoes and add to that onions, garlic and beautiful pansies! Plus, mark your calendar for this Saturday’s Super “Early Bird Sale” on April 1st. No foolin! Details here.

March 20-26
Time to plant potatoes! And to help, Warner’s has specials this week: 20% off Muriate of Potash (use this prior to planting potatoes) and $2 off Bond Easy Grip hand transplanters & trowels (great for planting your seed potatoes). Keep amending your soil as well this week.

March 13-19
Add some color to your garden with pansies and violas. Great to plant around your spring bulbs or by themselves in containers. Stop by Warner’s for a six-pack!

March 5-12
It’s time to plan your veggie garden – on paper. Also start amending soil in your veggie and flower beds. Stop by Warner’s for supplies or to ask for advice from our friendly salespeople on growing your own vegetables.