Gardening Week-by-Week


August 20 – August 26:
Time to turn your mind (and garden) to fall. We’ve got mums, pansies, asters and other fall blooming items in stock.

August 13 – August 19:
Food and water! Your annuals and perennials probably need a little fertilizer right now. Check water levels as well and water as needed.

August 6 – August 12:
Lots of stuff to do this week! Spray for powdery mildew, replant spent annual flowers, plant late-blooming perennials, trees, and shrubs.

July 30 – August 5:
The moderate temps mean it’s a great time to plant your trees, shrubs, and perennials, as transplant shock is less likely.

July 23 – July 29:
All this wet weather means it’s time to spray for powdery mildew and treat your Aspens preventatively for “black spot” which often arrives during the humid time of monsoons

July 16 – July 22:
Perennials, shrubs, and trees all love this wet weather. It’s a great time to plant because the added moisture makes it easier on the plants as they are transferred into the ground.

July 9 – July 15:
It’s a great time to plant trees since the temps are cooler and more humidity in the air, but remember that even with the rain, you still need to water them.

July 2 – July 8:
Yep, those are monsoon clouds you are seeing on the horizon, but it’s still awfully hot so make sure your plants, trees, shrubs, and garden beds are getting enough H2O.  Also, if you are hosting July 4 parties this week, stock up on red, white and blue flowers for patriotic container displays.

June 25 – July 1:
If you haven’t already, put out your hummingbird feeders and plant some flowers and bushes for pollinators like birds, bees, and butterflies. With the drought, all of our wildlife friends are in need of more food and water. Birdbaths are another fun way to attract wildlife to your garden, or maybe a little fountain since running water is even better for birds.

June 18 – June 24:
It’s the perfect time to get shrubs and trees into the ground. We’ve got a great selection and some good tips on how to plant and water them. Ask for our planting guide when you come in!

June 11 – June 17:
Time to feed the flowers and veggies – they’ll be needing fertilizer. Misti is partial to Foxfarm Tiger Bloom.

June 4 – June 10:
Temperatures are increasing this week, so pay attention to watering, particularly for new plantings. Check out our watering tips video here.