Warner Gardening How To’s – Happy House Plants

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Houseplants are like bears in the winter, they need a little R&R. With reduced sunlight, dry air and cool temperatures the plants take a break from growing. Here are a few tips for maintaining healthy houseplants in the winter:

Watering – Most houseplants don’t need as much water in the winter. Check the moisture level one time a week. If the soil is dry down to 2” depth the plant needs water. There may be varieties that require being moist at all times, if you aren’t sure of your plant’s specific requirements, give us a call!

Fertilization – Houseplants, like all living things, need food to perform. When they are actively growing in Spring & Summer, feeding is necessary. However during the winter, feeding is not necessary.

Keep Them Clean – Winter is a great time to do some housekeeping on your plants. Remove dust so that they can breathe. Also, a good cleaning can help wash away unwanted pests.

Now is also a great time to add some green to your home. We have a wonderful selection of houseplants and pottery. Purchase your plant & pot and we will pot it up for free in our own organic potting soil.