Chilly Outside? Time to Garden Indoors!

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Now that it’s becoming a little too nippy to garden outdoors, it’s time to focus your green thumb on the plants inside your home or office.

Whether you are a newbie to houseplants or have them covering every horizontal surface, indoor plants have many demonstrated physical, psychological and emotional benefits.

The classic study about the health benefits of houseplants is the 1989 NASA report that showed that indoor plants not only provide oxygen through photosynthesis, they also can “scrub” the air of cancer-causing compounds like formaldehyde and benzene. (Why were a bunch of space professional studying houseplants? They were looking for ways to effectively detoxify the air of space station environments.)

Other studies found that the soil microorganisms in potted plants also play a part in cleaning indoor air, but it’s really the plant part – big leafy greens – that were most effective in ridding the air around you of toxins.

Then there are the psychological benefits. Numerous studies have shown that having potted plants around have a calming effect that can boost our mood, our creativity and even how well we interact with others.

Warner’s has many varieties of plants available, from “floor models” to hanging plants to ones that will look perfect on your sunny windowsill. There are super easy ones to grow like the classic pothos to more exotic items like orchids. You can check out a gallery of our favorites here.

But today I wanted to feature an indoor plant that is perfect for this time of year – paperwhite narcissus.

They feature beautiful, delicate white flowers and are super easy to grow.

You can plant their bulbs in water, potting soil, gravel or sand. Regardless of the planting medium, you’ll want to give them plenty of moisture and place them in a well lit location. You’ll get lovely and fragrant flowers in about four to five weeks.

When paperwhites are forced to bloom indoors, they can get a little “leggy” and threaten to topple over. Prevent this by adding some stakes and securing them upright with twine.

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