Ferti•Lome: Hi-Yield Bone Meal

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Warner’s Nursery is proud to feature a great product that will help nurture your plants – Hi-Yield Bone Meal.

HY Bone Meal 32124 - 250pxHi-Yield Bone Meal provides a slow release form of natural Phosphorus to help plant​s​ produce sturdy root systems, hastens maturity and stimulates plant growth. For use on roses, flowers and shrubs. Excellent for vegetable gardens and a real plus for those of you planting your bulbs right now!

Ferti•Lome products like Hi-Yield Bone Meal are manufactured by Volunteer Purchasing Groups, Inc., and are sold exclusively through independent dealers like Warner’s Nursery.

Application Rates: 5 to 7 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. for beds; 1/2 to 2 teaspoons (depending on size) per bulb.

Please read and follow all label directions. 

Available at Warner’s Nursery: $7.99 for a 4lb bag