How to Decorate Your Tree Like a Pro

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The trees are here! The trees are here!

(Yep, I’m a little excited.)

One of the big joys every year is when our holiday trees arrive. This year, we’re offering four different types:

  • Cut Douglas Firs, with their soft green blue coloring and sweet scent
  • Cut Noble Firs, known for their gorgeous green color and sturdy branches that can easily hold heavy ornaments
  • And two potted “live” trees that you can plant outside after the holidays – Colorado Blue Spruce and Oregon Green Pine. 

When you get your tree home, you’ll want to give it a day or so to let the branches settle. Then it’s time to decorate.

Pro Tips for Decorating Your Tree

First, decide on your theme. Head over to Pinterest or the internet if you need some inspiration, but here’s some of the most popular ones: 

  • Rustic and traditional – lots of red ribbon and pine cones, homemade ornaments and maybe a touch of gold, silver or copper for a little sparkle.
  • Snowy or winter white tree – there’s nothing quite so dramatic as a tree of rich green decked out entirely with white ornaments, snowmen and icicles.
  • Toyland – If you’ve got little kids, a tree filled with colorful animals, letter blocks, and small toys is perfect.
  • Color palette – A very striking design is clustering ornaments of the same color together to create a rainbow of colors across your tree.

Your theme is only limited by your imagination – there are seaside trees full of starfish and sea horses, garden trees that feature lots of flowers, and retro trees with those totally groovy bubble lights that look like candles.

Building Your Tree

Now you need to build your tree. Start with the lights going from the bottom and wrapping them around your tree’s trunk, working up the center of the tree. Then continue wrapping the lights evenly around the branches, weaving the lights so that you alternate under one branch and over the next.

Next, move on to the ornaments. Simple reflective balls should be stationed closer to the trunk so they can help amplify the lights. More decorative items should be closer to the branch ends where they can be seen. Make sure that your tree decorations are balanced and spread out to your liking. You can also add another layer of decoration like ribbons, garland or “tree picks” (decorative branches with bendable stems you can lay into your tree).

Finally, it’s time for your topper. Whether it’s an angel, a star, or large showy flowers, make sure the decoration crowning your tree complements both your theme and the size of your tree.

And while your tree is the showstopper for your holiday décor, you don’t have to stop there. Poinsettias, live garland and Christmas cactus plants will help complete the holiday scene.

We look forward to seeing you at Warner’s for the holidays and helping you make the season even merrier in your home.

Happy holidays!