Meet the Root Camp Instructors

Adam Hackbarth, Bedding Sales and Barista, Warner’s Nursery
Adam was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona where he got a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition at Arizona State University. He moved to Flagstaff in 2017 to study Forestry and Environmental Sustainability at NAU. Adam has worked in the bedding department here at Warner’s for one year and has also been spotted making drinks at Dottie’s Garden Coffee Shop. He likes to run, hike, and snowboard in his free time and is interested in botany and soil ecology.

Gayle Gratop, Instructor, Cooperative Extension
Gayle has been a resident of northern Arizona since 1996. Her love of native plants was initiated in the western Sierra after many long hikes botanizing with her ranger friend in Sequoia National Park. For the past 15 years, Gayle has focused her career on working with plants in many different capacities. She has worked in the fields of plant conservation, habitat restoration, horticulture and, most recently, agricultural education. In her spare time, Gayle loves to use the excuse of hiking as an opportunity to geek out on the amazing plants of northern Arizona. She looks forward to assisting you though your gardening endeavors at Root Camp!

Julie Lancaster, Owner, Lancaster Leadership
Julie moved to Flagstaff 16 years ago where she found many people saying “it’s too hard to grow vegetables in Flagstaff!” She made it her mission to change this misperception. Julie has been the School Garden Director for Spring Hill Advanced Elementary, the Outdoor Education Director for Pathfinder Outdoor Education School, and an Agricultural Extension Agent with the Peace Corps, Africa. She has served on various boards, including: the Univ. of CA Friends of the Farm and Garden, Assoc. for Outdoor and Environmental Education, Flagstaff’s Sustainable Urban Restoration Landscape Initiative and the City of Flagstaff’s Clean and Green Committee. She is the author of the Flagstaff Planting Guide, Tucson Planting Guide and continues to learn more from the natural world every day. She loves digging up potatoes with her kids. More about the Flagstaff & Tucson Planting Guides:

Mick Henry, Owner, Mick’s Tree Service
Mick is an ISA Certified Arborist and has owned Mick’s Tree Service LLC for 15 years. For many years he has taught pruning for master gardener classes. Mick is a graduate of the NAU Forestry School and is a Firewise Advisor.

Patrick Pynes, Northern Arizona University
Dr. Patrick Pynes is a native-born Texan who has lived and worked in Flagstaff since 2000. He teaches interdisciplinary courses in the environmental, public, and Southwest humanities as a lecturer at Northern Arizona University. He also has worked as an Organic Gardener for La Posada Hotel in Winslow, except for two years (2003-2005) spent as Director of Gardens and Horticulture for The Arboretum at Flagstaff. He has been a passionate organic gardener and beekeeper for nearly 30 years. He has been teaching workshops about organic beekeeping since 2005, most recently for the Center for Organic Beekeeping (COB). In 2013, he instigated the creation of the Northern Arizona Organic Beekeepers’ Association (NAOBA) and serves as its President.

Terry Romans, Warner’s Landscape Co.
Despite being on an educational track for Archaeology, Terry Romans quickly took to the plant world after he began working at a Garden Center in Ohio in 2005. After moving to Montana, he continued working in the industry, expanding his plant knowledge. Terry moved to Flagstaff in 2019, where he continues to help people learn about plants and find the ones that suite their needs. He enjoys hiking, biking, and many other outdoor activities in his free time. Terry is known for his positive attitude and helpful nature.

William Rhodes-Hamby, Assistant Store Manager, Warner’s Nursery
William was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and raised in Kelleytown, Georgia. He has called Flagstaff home since 2005. He has a background in outdoor retail, not-for-profit employee development, and the outdoor industry. William has been Warner’s Assistant Store Manager for 3+years. His favorite plants are old-growth cedars and bristlecone pines.