Our COVID-19 Response

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At Warner’s Nursery, we are committed to keeping you healthy and safe during the pandemic and we wanted to let you know what we are doing to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

  1. We are requiring masks for our employees as well as all customers and visitors.
  2. We are engaging in common measures that are second nature to us now: frequent handwashing; social distancing (we’ve got fun markers on the floor to help); avoiding touching our faces; and, most importantly, making sure our team members don’t come in to the nursery if they are not feeling well.
  3. We are constantly sanitizing countertops and common areas. Every few hours we bleach our carts, door handles and our bathrooms, which were recently reopened.
  4. We have hand sanitizer and gloves available for our guests.
  5. We are safely distancing participants during our events.

Gardening is a great way of practicing safe coronavirus prevention habits while getting to enjoy plants and the outdoors.

Whether your are gardening outside, maintaining your household plants or sprucing up your patio, gardening provides an oasis that you can retreat to. Your plants can provide you with beauty and fresh-grown items to eat. If you have kids, it’s a wonderful family activity and education tool. If you own your property, a well-maintained garden will increase its value. And there have been studies showing that gardening gives peace of mind, particularly in times of upheaval.

We want to make it easy and safe for you to fulfill your gardening purchases. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make you feel more secure about shopping here during this unprecedented time.

Happy Gardening,
The Warner’s Nursery Family