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In response to the coronavirus outbreak and as part of our commitment to making shopping at Warner’s Nursery a safe, enjoyable and relaxed experience for everyone, we offer curbside service for our customers.

As of Monday, May 11, our curbside service will only be offered on Tuesdays. Here’s the details:

1. All curbside orders will be same day service, with customers picking up their purchases the day they call them in.

2. Phone or email orders between 8 and 11 am on Tuesdays. Call 928-774-1983 or email [email protected] to place your order. A list of common items for purchase are below for your convenience. If emailing, please include a number where we can reach you.

3. Your order will be filled* between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

4. Pickup of orders is same day between 2 and 5 p.m. Tuesday. Park in front of the nursery and give us a call. We’ll bring out your order and receipt, or take your payment at that time. We can also load your order into your car for you.

Please know that you are still welcome to come to Warner’s for your gardening needs! And we have implemented a variety of protocols to keep you (and our team members) safe. For more details, click here.

*Note: if you are ordering a plant, we will use our judgement to pick the best one available. If you are not satisfied with the plant provided, however, we can remove from your invoice.


Exterior Soil List:
Warner’s Supreme Planting Mix: 1.5 cubic feet $6.99
Warner’s Mulch: 1.5 cubic feet $4.99
Warner’s Mulch: 3 cubic feet $7.99
Warner’s Top Soil: 1.5 cubic feet $4.99
Black Gold Compost: 1 cubic foot $8.99
Gypsum: 40lbs $7.99
Steer Manure: 1 cubic foot $1.99
Deodorized Steer Manure: 1.5 cubic foot $3.99
Peat Moss: 3 cubic feet $39.99
Peat Moss: 2.2 cubic feet $32.99
Mushroom Compost: 1 cubic foot $6.99

Interior Soil List:
Warner’s Potting Soil: 1.5 cubic feet $9.99
Black Gold Potting Soil: 1 cubic foot $12.99
Black Gold Potting Soil: 1.5 cubic feet $14.99
Happy Frog Potting Soil: 2 cubic feet $24.99
Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil: 1.5 cubic feet $22.99
Black Gold Cactus Mix: 1 cubic foot $12.99
Growell Cactus Mix: 1 cubic foot $9.99
Growell Organic Potting Soil: 8 quart $5.99
Vermiculite: 3.5 cubic feet $46.99
Perlite: 3.5 cubic feet $29.99

Seed Starting Supplies:
Black Gold Seedling Mix: 8 quart $6.99
Black Gold Seedling Mix: 16 quart $12.99
Black Gold Seedling Mix: 1.5 cubic feet $19.99
Greenhouse Kit: 36 cells $6.99
Greenhouse Kit: 50 cells $12.99
Plantable Pots: x32 (2”) $5.99
Plantable Pots: x12 (2.25”) $2.99
Plantable Pots: x8 (3”) $2.99
Plantable Pots: x6 (4”) $3.99
Individual Peat Pellet: 15¢
Seeds: Please call store to see if item wanted is available.

Seed Potatoes Available:
Red “Pontiac”: $4.99 per lb
Yellow “Yukon Gold”: $4.99 per lb
White “Kennebec”: $4.99 per lb
Red Chieftan: $4.99 per lb
Katahdin: $4.99 per lb
Russet: $4.99 per lb
Organic packaged seed potatoes, bag of 5, for $9.99 (French Fingerling, Adirondack Blue, German Butterball, Red Prairie, Austrian Crescent available now).

Bare Root Available:
Red Bloedrode Onion: $6.99
Ebenezer White Onion: $6.99
Red Shallots: $6.99
Shallots: $6.99

NOTE: All products are limited to stock on hand.