Warner’s Root Camp 2021

Join us for Warner’s Root Camp, offering expert-led classes specifically tailored for the beginning gardener – and for Northern Arizona’s unique micro-climates.

Each class is $15 and held on Saturday mornings. Some classes are being held online only, some are in person and a few are hybrids. Please check details under each class.

You can register for online classes by calling or visiting Warner’s Nursery and prepaying (we’ll send you the online link via email). For classes being held on site you can pay at the door. 

Our Classes:

  • Garden Botany, March 20, 10 am, online only. Learn about the basic needs and functions of plants in order to become a better gardener. This class will take a look at the functions of a plant’s roots, stems, leaves, and flowers. Instructor: Gayle
  • Soil & Seeds 101, March 27, 10 am, online and in-person. The foundation of your garden is your soil and this session covers issues such as fertility, soil composition, the purpose of cover crops and why no-till practices can improve your soil. Plus how to start seeds indoors. Instructor: Sara.
  • Crop & Garden Planning, April 17, 10 am, online and in-person. Learn how you can use techniques like intercropping, successive planting and season extenders to stretch out our region’s short growing season. Instructor: Sara.
  • Tree Selection & Micro-Climates, April 24, 10 am, in person only. Flagstaff has many microclimates depending on what part of town you live in. There might even be different microclimates based on what side of the house you are looking at. We will learn how to distinguish what your USDA planting zone is and what kinds of trees and shrubs will grow there. Instructor: Austin
  • Why Organic Gardening, May 1, 10 am, online and in-person (Note: in person class limited to first 10 people). Organic gardening has many pluses, from water conservation to knowing exactly what is going into your food. In this session, we cover how to garden organically and touch on soil health, sustainability and eco-friendly fertilizers and pesticides. Instructor: Sara.
  • Organic Pest Management, May 8, 10 am, in-person only. Stop! Don’t just reach for a spray bottle! There are other ways to control pests in the home garden. Learn about the principles of Integrated Pest Management and how you can reduce your dependence on toxic chemicals in the home garden. Instructor: Gayle.
  • Composting, May 15, 10 am, in-person only. Turn your food waste into nutritious garden soil through composting in this “how to” session. Instructor: Sara.
  • Plant Problems in the Home Garden, May 22, 10 am, in-person only.  Are your zucchini plants looking like they need to perk up? Did you notice a scar on your green pepper? In this class, we will cover some basic problems you may experience in your garden in Flagstaff and the environmental and biological factors that could be the cause. Instructor: Gayle
  • Veggie Gardening: The Basics, May 29, 10 am, in-person only. Join us for an engaging workshop on food growing in our mountain town. Topics include: the challenges (and solutions) of growing at 7,000 feet; garden preparation; vegetable selection; transplanting success; pest control and garden health. Instructor: Adam
  • Native Perennials for the Garden, June 12, 10 am, in-person only. In this class, we will meander through the Warner’s nursery and learn about the native plants that you can find in the nursery trade. We will also discuss the benefits of gardening with native plants, the difference between a native plant and a cultivar, and how to bring local pollinators to your yard using native plants. Instructor: Gayle
  • Drip Irrigation & Watering Well, June 26, 10 am, in-person only. Let’s face it: we live in Arizona – it’s dry! Drip irrigation is a great way to keep the cost of watering down and make sure your trees and shrubs are getting the water they need to thrive! This class will teach you how to water well and set up a drip system. Instructor: William
  • Pollinators, July 10, 10:30 am – Noon. Save the bees! Birds, bees, bats, and more are essential for ecosystem health. Creating a garden that benefits these creatures is not only rewarding but beautiful to look at. Our garden expert will teach you about common pollinators and their plant preferences, as well as what pest controls to avoid. Instructor: Patrick

Your Instructors:

  • Gayle Gratop, Instructor, Cooperative Extension. Gayle has been a resident of northern Arizona since 1996. Her love of native plants was initiated in the western Sierra after many long hikes botanizing with her ranger friend in Sequoia National Park. For the past 15 years, Gayle has focused her career on working with plants in many different capacities. She has worked in the fields of plant conservation, habitat restoration, horticulture and, most recently, agricultural education. In her spare time, Gayle loves to use the excuse of hiking as an opportunity to geek out on the amazing plants of northern Arizona. She looks forward to assisting you though your gardening endeavors at Root Camp!
  • Adam Hackbarth, Bedding Sales and Barista, Warner’s Nursery. Adam was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona where he got a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition at Arizona State University. He moved to Flagstaff in 2017 to study Forestry and Environmental Sustainability at NAU. Adam has worked in the bedding department here at Warner’s for one year and has also been spotted making drinks at Dottie’s Garden Coffee Shop. He likes to run, hike, and snowboard in his free time and is interested in botany and soil ecology.
  • Sara Tilford, Organic Grower-Consultant & Sustainable Living Advocate at Harvesting Roots. Her passion for the planet, well-being, and food led to her experience and knowledge in Organic and Permaculture farming. Sara offers different consulting options to help inspire and empower others to grow healthy, chemical-free food that’s good for you and the earth. Check out her blog Harvestingroots.org for gardening tips, seasonal recipes, and inspiration for sustainable living.
  • Patrick Pynes, Northern Arizona University. Dr. Pynes is a native-born Texan who has lived and worked in Flagstaff since 2000. He teaches interdisciplinary courses in the environmental, public, and Southwest humanities as a lecturer at Northern Arizona University. He also has worked as an Organic Gardener for La Posada Hotel in Winslow, except for two years (2003-2005) spent as Director of Gardens and Horticulture for The Arboretum at Flagstaff. He has been a passionate organic gardener and beekeeper for nearly 30 years. He has been teaching workshops about organic beekeeping since 2005, most recently for the Center for Organic Beekeeping (COB). In 2013, he instigated the creation of the Northern Arizona Organic Beekeepers’ Association (NAOBA) and serves as its President.
  • William Rhodes-Hamby, Assistant Store Manager, Warner’s Nursery. William was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and raised in Kelleytown, Georgia. He has called Flagstaff home since 2005. He has a background in outdoor retail, not-for-profit employee development, and the outdoor industry. William has been Warner’s Assistant Store Manager for 3+years. His favorite plants are old-growth cedars and bristlecone pines.