Why Harvest?

In the dry climes of northern Arizona, it makes good sense to harvest rainwater. By capturing rainwater, you can:

  • prevent erosion,
  • reduce run-off and in so doing diminish pollution into stormwater systems,
  • lower your water bill and
  • earn LEED sustainability credits.

Our LEED-applied experts and American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association accredited professionals work with you to evaluate your existing condition and then custom fit the right system for your needs.

From large catchment systems up to 21,000 gallons … to smaller systems of 5500 gallons … to rain barrels, Warner’s Landscaping Company is experienced in residential and commercial applications. Whether you’re looking for permeable pavers, aesthetic systems that feed fountains or a source of naturally soft water, we will design passive or active catchment systems to fit your needs.