Ferti-Lome: Root Stimulator & Plant Starter Solution

Ferti-Lome: A Solution for Every Part of Your Garden

32oz Root Stimulator 114KBWarner’s Nursery is proud to feature Ferti•Lome Root Stimulator & Plant Starter solution. 

Use this solution every time you plant trees, shrubs, roses, annuals, and perennials to stimulate early root formation and stronger root development.  With B-1 and indole butyric acid, Ferti•Lome Root Stimulator & Plant Starter reduces transplant shock and promotes greener, more vigorous plants.

Ferti•Lome products are manufactured by Volunteer Purchasing Groups, Inc., and are sold exclusively through independent dealers like Warner’s Nursery.

Application Rates:

  • Flowers, shrubs, and trees: 3-1/2 tablespoons per gallon of water. Mix 1-8 pints per plant transplanted. For example, 1 pint of the mixture on Mums, Geraniums, and other Annual Flowers. For Rose bushes and Camellias, use 3 pints per Plant. For larger than 4 foot Plants (Trees and large Shrubs), use 1 gallon of the mixture per Plant. Pour diluted solution over the soil as the roots are being covered, making sure that the roots are wet with the solution. Water the soil around plants after planting.
  • Houseplants: 1/2 cup per quart of soil (a 6-inch pot holds approximately 1 quart of soil).

Please read and follow all label directions. Also, please note that this solution is a root stimulator and should not be applied to Plant’s foliage as a fertilizer or plant food.