Gardening Week-by-Week

Picture of plants with calendar

Nov 6 through Dec 3

The cold weather is here, so if you haven’t already, you should cut back your perennials and get your mulch down.

Oct 23

There’s still time to plant cool-season veggies like carrots and kale. Plus, there’s still time to get bulbs, trees & shrubs planted.

Oct 9 through Oct 22

It’s not too late to plant cool season veggies, bulbs, trees & shrubs. New shipments of Aspen trees and assorted shrubs have just arrived!

Sept 25 & Oct 2

Plant mums! Also a good time to apply chicken or steer manure or chicken pellets to your yard.

Sept 11 & 18

The spring-blooming bulbs have arrived – get yours this week and start planning for gorgeous tulips, daffodils, crocus and more next spring. Check out our new Planting Spring-Blooming Bulbs guide, and remember to get some bone meal for when you plant.

Sept 5

It is still a great time to get trees & shrubs & perennials planted! We just received a fresh batch of mums that can brighten up any garden.

Aug 28

Don’t let fungal diseases ruin your plants! Also, You can also prepare your garden for the fall season by planting some perennials and growing some delicious veggies that thrive in lower temperatures. Bulbs for spring-blooming flowers will be arriving soon!

Aug 21

With all the rain, now is a great time to plant!

Aug 7

Now is a good opportunity to plant, as the monsoon rains will hopefully arrive soon.