Gardening Week-by-Week

November 14
Cut back perennials and mulch perennials and shrubs.

November 7
As part of your fall cleanup, it’s time to cut back dormant perennials and add mulch.

November 1
Time to cut back perennials and mulch your yard.

October 25
The ground’s still warm enough for you to get those spring-blooming bulbs in.

October 18
There’s still time to plant bulbs, but if you are looking for some bulb this winter, it’s time to plant and coax paper white narcissus indoors.

October 11
Time to start cleaning up and getting prepared for the cold weather: cut back dead foliage on perennials; rake and remove any leaves from deciduous trees; and start applying winterizer fertilizer to trees, shrubs and lawns.

October 4
It is still a good time to plant bulbs and pansies, and a perfect time to decorate for Fall with pumpkins and mums.

September 27
We’ve got lots of bulbs in stock. Make sure to get them planted in the coming weeks so you can enjoy tulips, daffodils, and more this coming spring.

September 20
Keep planting those mums, pansies, and bulbs.

September 13
Gardeners should be planting mums, pansies and violas this week (we’ll be getting in a new shipment of pansies and violas on Wednesday, Sept. 15)

September 6
Spray for black spot and other fungus that are spreading due to “happy fungus conditions” (lots of rain). Continue to water new plantings regularly, as rainfall typically isn’t enough to keep them properly hydrated.

August 30
The mums are here and it’s time to plant these fun fall flowers. And remember to continue to water your newly planted trees, shrubs and perennials.

August 23
Perennials and trees and shrubs, oh my! Right now is the time to shift from your annual flowers and give a little love to these plants that will be part of your landscape for a long time. Late summer through early fall is a great time to get these items into the ground.

August 16
All this wet weather is making it a great time to plant. Remember that there are still annuals that are quick growing and that you’ll get to enjoy before the season ends. Plus there’s always trees and shrubs to get into the ground.

August 9
Keep planting and fertilize existing perennials, trees & shrubs.

July 26 – August 8
All this rain has made it a good time to plant, particularly trees and shrubs, which we have in abundance at the nursery.

July 19
Time to feed. If you are looking for a good all-around fertilizer for your annuals and perennials, we suggest Fertilome’s Blooming & Rooting.

June 28July 18
Plant, plant and plant some more. If you aren’t sure what you’d like to add to your garden, check out our regular weekly specials.

June 21
Time to make sure you are using drip irrigation on new and existing plants. Rising temps mean plants require more H2O and a drip system is the most efficient way to go. Meanwhile, it’s still a good time to plant warm season veggies.

June 14
Hot days ahead in Flagstaff, so remember to water your plants. We prefer drip irrigation as it ultimately saves you time, water and money.

May 31 & June 7
Keep planting those warm season veggies and annuals. Also, if you are seeing flee beetles (like we are), you might want to pick up some Natural Guard Spinosad.

May 24
After this downright chilly weekend, we are looking forward to rising temps this week. It’s time to start planting your warm-season veggies again, but maybe wait until this holiday weekend, when overnight temperatures will be 40-degrees and above. (And don’t forget those season extenders!)

May 17
Time to get those veggies planted outside – but make sure you use season extenders to protect them from cold (even frosty) nights. Remember, our last day of possible frost isn’t until next month.

May 10
We are awash in beautiful annual and perennial flowers. Dress up your garden bed, your hanging baskets or your containers this week.

May 3
It’s the perfect time to plant just about anything: trees, shrubs, perennials or annuals!

April 26
Time to plant! We have a ton of new perennials flowers, cool season veggies and frost-hardy annuals in stock.

April 19
Still time to plant cool season veggies. Also if you have a greenhouse, we’ve gotten some tomato and pepper starts.

April 12
Time to take out those sheers out and start pruning.

April 5
If you haven’t gotten your veggie seeds yet, now’s the time; vendors are already running out!

March 29
You can still plant cool season vegetables. Continue amending soil.

March 22
Amend your soil for spring planting. Plant cool season veggies, pansies and violas.

March 15
Clear away any dead or old leaves and needles from your garden beds and test your soil now so you’ll have time to amend it. Add compost and or manure to your garden beds.

March 8
Continue starting seeds indoors for vegetables, start prepping your garden beds for seed potatoes and you can start planting trees.

March 1
Yes, March has arrived and it will be spring soon, but it’s still a little too cold to start planting outside yet. The solution? Start amending your outdoor soil now, while getting your seeds going indoors in peat pots or seed trays.

February 15, 2021
Time to start planning your veggie gardens and thinking about what seeds you want to get started. We’ve got a great selection, so please stop by.

February 1, 2021
Yay, we got snow. Time to use it by shoveling it onto your planter beds. And keep feeding your background birds.

January 25, 2021
We have seeds! Come on by and check out the selection.

January 18, 2021
Even though there’s some talk about snow this week, don’t forget to water your plants. It’s been super dry this year and they can always use a little more liquid. Also, seeds should be coming in the next couple of weeks, so use this time to plan and sketch out what this year’s veggie garden is going to look like.

January 4, 2021
Happy New Year!
It’s hard to remember to keep watering those new plantings from the fall during these cold months, but it’s something you need to do. A nice long drink about twice a month will do the trick and make sure they are ready for spring.