Gardening Week-by-Week


June 17 – 23
It’s a great time to plant perennials to ensure beautiful blooms year after year. If you haven’t fertilized your plants yet, now is the time.

June 10 – 16
Your plants are hungry! Time to fertilize.

June 3 – 9
If you haven’t gotten your tomato purchased or planted yet, now is the time. We know summer weather came late to northern Arizona, but our growers didn’t anticipate it, so after our 1-gallon tomato plants sell out this week, they are really gone. Get yours this week!

May 28 – June 2
Well, last week’s snow was certainly unexpected. Brrr… Hopefully, winter’s finally over and we can resume planting those flowers and veggies.

May 20 – 27
It’s Tomatopalooza!! Time to get those tomato plants into the ground (along with your veggies, if you haven’t planted them yet.)

May 13 – May 19
You can (and should) get your veggie garden started now, even though the temperatures can be fickle. Make sure, however, to use season extenders to protect your plants during this time.

May 6 – May 12
Time to get your annuals and perennials in the ground. You can also start planting your veggies – just make sure to use season extenders to protect them from cold nights.

April 29 – May 5
Protect your plants by spraying for thrips – they’re terrible this year!

April 22 – 28
Amend your soil if you haven’t already, and plant your cool season veggies, bareroot plants and potatoes.

April 15 – 21
Don’t be afraid to put your pansies and violas into the ground – they’re tough and can take the cold temperatures at night. It’s also time to spray plants with dormant oil to get rid of thrips and other bugs that might start popping up now that it’s warmer. And if you haven’t gotten your seed potatoes in the ground, start planting!

April 8 – 14
Cleanup time: cut back the dead foliage from your perennials and rake up pine needles from your garden. If you haven’t amended your soil yet, this is a good week to do it.

April 1 – April 7
Time to amend your soil by adding compost, mulch, and manure.