Gardening Week-by-Week

May 30

It’s a great time to plant veggies and we have plenty in stock!

May 22

Continue to plant (it’s Tomatopalooza week!) and make sure to spray for those thrips (see May 15 entry below).

May 15

Wow, the thrips are bad this year. Not sure what a thrip is? They are those tiny, slender (usually about 1 millimeter long!) insects that love to puncture flowers and leaves and suck them dry. Spray for them this week before they get into the blooms of Peony and attack your flowering trees and roses.

May 8

Plant flowers! Lots of them!

May 1

Happy May! After a slow start with a late winter, spring gets into high gear this week and there’s a lot you can do in your garden. It’s time to start veggies in your greenhouse if you have one. Planting trees, shrubs and perennials is also perfect for this week.

April 24

Continue cleaning up if you haven’t already.
It’s also time to water – the snowmelt is pretty much gone, so your plants will be thirsty.
Finally, if your trees or shrubs are leafing out or budding, feed them with a balanced fertilizer.

April 17

Time to rake up old pine needles and leaves to allow perennials to see the light!

April 10

It’s time for some serious spring cleaning, now that the snow is on its way out. Prune broken tree and shrub branches and if you didn’t winterize last year, it’s time to cut back dead foliage on perennials, clean out any pine needles or dead leaves and start prepping your garden for the new season with mulch or compost.