Gardening Week-by-Week


June 1 – June 7
Some of you might have had plants that froze during some of our cold nights. You can cut back on those plants and start watering and fertilizing again to revive them. 

May 26 – May 31
Keep planting those warm-season veggies.

May 18 – Memorial Day
If you haven’t gotten the warm-season veggies in quite yet, it’s not too late. Also, it’s time to get your herbs planted.

May 11 – May 17
Time to get warm-season veggies planted.

May 4 – May 10
It’s already time to think about your warm-season veggie garden and start purchasing your plants. However, you’ll need to consider investing in a season extender so that you can keep them warm during the chilly nights we still get.

April 27 – May 3
Keep watering for sure, and get your annual and perennial flowers planted.

April 20-26
Time to plant cool-season veggies. In stock at Warner’s this week, we’ve got lettuce, onions, kale and strawberries (yes, we know; that last one was not a veggie, but it’s cool-season and it’s in stock!)

April 13-19
Time to put down some soil activator. We’ve got a 20-pound bag for $19.99 this week. Can be applied to your lawn and all garden areas.

April 6 – 12
It’s a good time to get those seed potatoes into the ground – as well as some early blooming perennials. We’ll be getting the first big shipment of perennials this week.

March 30 – April 5
Now is the time to start watering. Yes, we’ve gotten some rain, but it’s important as the temperatures rise that we are aware that plants are starting to break dormancy and that’s a critical time for watering.

March 23 – March 29
Time to amend your soil and get it ready for planting!

March 16 – March 22
Time to get your seed potatoes into the ground and start growing from seed with seed trays and peat pots.

March 9 – March 15
Your garden is only as good as your soil. So this week’s task is to test that soil so you know what you have and how it might need to be amended. We have testing kits here at Warner’s!

March 2 – March 8
It’s time to prune. If you need to learn how – or just want to perfect your technique, we have a Root Camp class that you might be interested in on Saturday about the principals of pruning. The class is $18 and starts at 10 am. There’s also still time to sign up for Root Camp, where you choose 10 or more classes on all aspects of gardening. Details here.

February 24 – March 1
Ah, a new gardening season! And your first step will be planning your garden. Think through what you’d like to do to make this year’s garden your best ever. Warner’s Nursery is offering its 2nd Annual Root Camp to help. It’s a series of classes that cover every aspect of gardening. Details here.