Ferti-Lome: Tree & Shrub Food

Ferti-Lome: A Solution for Every Part of Your Garden

Warner’s Nursery is proud to feature Ferti•Lome Tree and Shrub Food.

A scientifically formulated tree food that contains penetrating action, which moves the food directly to the feeder roots when applied around the tree or shrub drip line, eliminating the need to dig holes.

Great for all types of trees and shrubs including shade trees, nut trees, Evergreens, citrus, tropical and flowering trees.

Feed trees and shrubs twice a year.

Application Rates:

  • Shrubs: Spread 1/2 cup per sq. yard of soil area.
  • Trees: Consult chart on label. 20 lbs. will feed, up to ten 4″ diameter trees.