Ferti-Lome Winterizer

Fall feeding is one of the most critical feeding times. A healthy and stable plant can endure the hardship of winter better than a weak plant. Winterizer builds winter hardiness, stem strength and disease resistance in lawns, trees and shrubs.

Winterizer 10-0-14 300Warner’s Nursery is proud to feature Ferti-Lome’s Winterizer for Established Lawns (10-0-14), specially formulated to help your lawn, trees, shrubs, perennials and evergreens withstand the hazards of a cold winter. NOW IS THE TIME TO APPLY!

Application Rates:

  • Lawns: 20 lbs. per 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Trees: 1 lb. per inch of trunk diameter around drip line.
  • Shrubs: 1 cup per 3 ft. of height around drip line.
  • Please read and follow label directions.