Ferti•Lome – Bone & Blood Meal

When trying to achieve a lush and productive garden, it is likely you’ll need to amend your soil to add the nutrients your plants need to thrive. Bone meal provides Phosphate, while blood meal can boost the levels of Nitrogen in your soil.

Warner’s Nursery is proud to feature Hy-Yield Bone & Blood Meal, a unique blend of both these natural substances that gently nourishes your plants. This product can be used on all flowers, shrubs and vegetables and is perfect for organic gardeners.

HY Bone Blood Meal 250pxFerti•Lome products are manufactured by Volunteer Purchasing Groups, Inc., and are sold exclusively through independent dealers like Warner’s Nursery.

Application Rates:

  • Individual bulbs: 2 tablespoons in bottom of planting hole mixed with soil.
  • Flowers & vegetables: 6 lbs. per 50 sq. ft. or row.
  • Roses, shrubs & trees: 1/2 cup per plant.

Please read and follow all label directions. 

Available at Warner’s Nursery.