Join Warner’s Houseplant Club

Back by popular demand!

On Wednesday, September 27, Warner’s Nursery will relaunch its Houseplant Club.

Indoor plants are more popular than ever and it’s easy to see why. House (or office) plants help clean the air, bring life to a room, enhance creativity, and connect you with nature.

Warner’s Nursery is offering a series of houseplant classes so you can learn everything about growing conditions, potting, maintenance and how to avoid pests, and other common houseplant problems. Most classes are free, but some include cover charges to pay for materials.

After class, take half an hour to shop at Warner’s and receive 20% off any item purchased.

Also, if you attend all 6 classes, you’ll receive a 4-inch houseplant with a value of up to $9.99 for free.

Save your spot for these classes and workshops by emailing [email protected] or calling us at (928) 774-1983.

Here’s the list of this Fall’s classes

Houseplant 101
Wednesday, Sept. 27, 5:30 pm – FREE.
Discover the basics of plant caretaking, and learn which plants are great for beginners. We’ll be highlighting low-maintenance plants as well as items that will make your plant thrive!

Potting Houseplants
Wednesday, Oct. 11, 5:30 pm$15 cover charge for materials.
This is a workshop class that will go over how to choose the best size pot for your plant. We’ll show you how to pot a plant “the Warner’s way,” and which types of soils go with which plants. Fee covers houseplant and pottery for participants to take home.

Expert 101
Wednesday, Oct. 25, 5:30 pm – FREE.
This class will showcase more exotic plants that typically require greater maintenance. Be prepared to be amazed by lovely botanical beauties like Ring of Fire.

Terrarium Building
Wednesday, Nov. 8, 5:30 pm – $15 Fee to cover material cost.
Learn the basics of building a customized glass terrarium, maintaining it properly and then create your own take-home terrarium.

All About Bugs
Wednesday, Nov. 15, 5:30 pm – FREE.
This informative class session will be all about common houseplant bugs and fungus that can plague our plants. We will go over prevention and treatment with Ferti-lome products.

Wreath Making workshop on November 29 is FULL.

Wreath Making
Friday, Dec. 15, 5 pm$45 to cover material costs.
Dress up your home decor with this timely workshop and create a festive take-home wreath.