Warner’s Houseplant Club

Check out our houseplant classes this winter!

Indoor plants are more popular than ever and it’s easy to see why. House (or office) plants help clean the air, bring life to a room, enhance creativity, and connect you with nature.

Warner’s Nursery is offering a series of FREE houseplant classes on Saturdays at 2 pm so you can learn everything about growing conditions, potting, maintenance, how to avoid pests, and other common houseplant problems.

Learn more by emailing [email protected] or calling us at (928) 774-1983.

Down to the Basics
Saturday, Feb. 3 at 2 pm
Discover the basics of plant caretaking, and learn which plants are great for beginners. We’ll be highlighting low-maintenance plants as well as items that will make your plant thrive!

Soils 101
Satuday, Feb. 10, at 2 pm
Get the dirt about dirt and learn the best soil for various indoor plants.

Indoor Desert Plants
Saturday, Feb. 17 at 2 pm
This class will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to cultivate and appreciate indoor cacti and succulents successfully.

Winter vs Summer Care
Saturday, Feb. 24 at 2 pm
In this class, we will cover the care differences for indoor houseplants between the winter and summer seasons.

Pest Control
Saturday, March 2 at 2 pm
This informative class session will be all about common houseplant bugs and how to identify, treat, and prevent them from plaguing our plants.

Propagation 101
Saturday, March 9 at 2 pm
Learn how to turn one houseplant into two through cuttings, layering or dividing your plants.

Repotting Your Houseplants
Saturday, March 16 at 2 pm
Learn the how, when, and why of repotting houseplants to keep them healthy.