Join Warner’s Houseplant Club

Update as of 3/18/20: Warner’s Nursery will continue to host the Houseplant Club, but in light of coronavirus restrictions, will be limiting the club to the first 10 attendees to arrive.

Indoor plants are more popular than ever and it’s easy to see why. House (or office) plants clean the air, bring life to a room, enhance creativity and connect you with nature.

Warner’s Nursery is offering a series of FREE* houseplant classes so you can learn everything about growing conditions, potting, maintenance and how to avoid pest and other common houseplant problems. *Some classes are followed by an optional workshop where you get to create your own plant masterpiece for a discounted fee.

You’ll also meet a wide array of plants that you might want to add to your growing indoor garden – from “easy-peasy” to exotics. Plus you’ll get to meet and mingle with other houseplant enthusiasts!

All sessions are 1 hour long. Here’s what we’ll be covering:

Houseplant 101: Easy-Peasy Houseplants/
Welcome to Warner’s Houseplant Club
Feb. 20 at 5 pm and Feb. 29 at 11 am
We start off with some of the easiest plants to grow – things like pothos and snake plants. Think you don’t have a green thumb? We can’t wait to show you how “easy-peasy” indoor gardening can be.

Houseplant 102: Understanding Growing Conditions
Feb. 22 at 11 am

Desert Plant/Succulent Planter
(Free class followed by optional workshop for fee)
March 5, 5 pm
Learn everything there is to know about the care of desert plants. We will teach about the differences in genus of succulents and the fluctuations in their care.

Optional workshop after the class to create your own succulent planter at a significant savings: $29.99 option (worth $39.99) or $49.99 option (worth $59.99).

Houseplant 103: How and When to Repot
March 14, 2 pm
We’ll discuss the optimal time to repot houseplants, based on the time of the year, the size of the plant, and other factors. This session will include a visual how to and cover complications that may occur when re-potting. Come for the vital information, stay for the pottery sale!

Houseplant Club: Propagation 101
March 19, 5 pm
How to propagate houseplants (desert or tropical plants) in water or soil, depending on the plant. After the seminar there will be optional workshops giving you a chance to propogate a cutting of your choice.

Houseplant 104: Large Jungle, Small Space
March 28, 11 am
How to incorporate plants in your interior design – even if you have a small space to work with. We’ll cover good plants for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and other spaces.

Houseplant Club: Science of Soils
April 2, 5 pm
We will discuss the differences between types of soil (compost, potting soil, cactus soil, african violet soil, and so on). We will also talk about why choosing the correct soil for certain plants is important.

Houseplant Club: Unusual Houseplants/Mounting of Houseplants
(Free class followed by optional workshop for fee)
April 16, 5 pm
Time to tackle unusual houseplants and the special care they need. After the class portion, there will be an optional workshop where we will mount a small plant to wood. Small fee to cover materials.

Houseplant 105: Winter vs. Summer Care
April 25, 11 am
During the year, your plants have different needs in different seasons. We’ll discuss the growing differences and the changes in care for houseplants in the winter and summer months.

Houseplant Club: Variegation 101
April 30, 5 pm
Why are plants variegated? How does variegation happen? Learn about the special care/light requirements for variegated plants.

Houseplant 106: Pest Control
May 9, 11 am
What’s the difference of preventative insecticides vs topical insecticides. What to look for when pests attack, how minimizing an infestation, and treatment options will be covered. Includes moisture meter/hardware coupon.

CANCELLED: Houseplant Club: Terrariums
This session canceled due. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Houseplant 201: Importance of Houseplants
May 23, 11 am
Learn about the science of how and why plants make you feel better and improve mental health conditions. Plus, to celebrate our last session, we’ll be holding a special houseplant sale.