Warner’s Root Camp

Join us for Warner’s Root Camp, offering expert-led classes specifically tailored for the beginning gardener – and for Northern Arizona’s unique micro-climates. For $150 you’ll choose the 10 classes that best fit your gardening goals (see class list below). That’s a $30 savings over regular class prices.

You can also choose a 14-class option for additional savings.

Once you complete a minimum of 10 classes, you’ll earn a special discount card that entitles you to 10% off all your Warner’s purchases for a year.

We all know that the early bird gets the worm, so if you join Warner’s Root Camp before the first class on February 29, you’ll also get: a Warner’s Nursery Garden Journal for planning your vegetable and perennial garden ($10 value); a Flagstaff Planting Guide with information about what vegetables to plant and when ($10 value); a soil test kit, which you can bring to the Intro to Soils class for expert advice about your soil ($10 value).

Ready to get your garden on? Register for Root Camp here.

Choose from among these Root Camp classes:

To learn more about the instructors, click here. Unless otherwise noted, classes are about one hour.

  • Planning Your Garden & Intro to Root Camp. February 29, 10 am. If your New Year’s Resolution includes having a more successful garden this year, this class is for you! In our kick-off class to Warner’s Root Camp, our garden expert will share what you need to know to plan your spring garden plot, create a personalized shopping list, and learn what to do each month to make your 2020 garden the best it has ever been! Instructor: Gayle
  • Pruning Trees and Shrubs. March 7, 10 am. So your trees and shrubs are looking a little overgrown – we’ve got you covered! Learn what you need to know to make the appropriate cuts for optimum growth, flowering, or removing dead branches. Instructor: Mick
  • Bare Root Plants, Seed Potatoes and Planting from SeedsMarch 21, 10 a.m. Have you ever wanted to see your plants grow from seed to sprout to crop? We’ll teach you the basics of starting plants from seeds indoors and out so that you can grow your very own flowers, herbs, and vegetables from seed! We’ll also cover bare root plants (which are removed from the ground while still dormant and sold cheaper than when they are fully-leafed-out) such as berries, hops, grapes, and asparagus. And we’ll cover how to grow your own potatoes at home from certified seed potatoes! Instructor: Adam
  • Intro to Soils/Composting. March 28, 10 am. Our garden expert gives you the down and dirty details about soil composition, pH, and the essential nutrients your plants need to thrive. Don’t worry – you don’t need a background in chemistry to attend! And if you want to make your own soil amendments with scraps from your kitchen and yard, we’ll also be covering the basics of composting at home and how to use this wonderful “black gold” as a fertilizer and rich garden amendment. Instructor: William
  • Botany, Part 1: Plant Classification & Identification. April 4, 10 am. (90 minute session) Do you want to become better at plant identification? Ever wonder what botanical family your veggies belong to? In this class, we will look at the evolution of plant life and how plants are organized into classification groups. We will also learn how to look for plant characteristics that can be helpful for plant ID.  Instructor: Gayle
  • Botany, Part 2: Plant Functions. April 18, 10 am. (90 Minute Session) Plants are living organisms that are not just standing there looking pretty! Learn about the basic needs and functions of plants in order to become a better gardener. Here, we will take a look at the basic functions of a plant’s roots, stems, leaves, and flowers. Instructor: Gayle
  • DIY Raised Beds. April 25, 10 am. Create your own raised bed with three sister plantings. Instructor: William
  • Native Plant Propagation. May 2, 10 am. (90 minutes session) Have you always wanted to add your favorite native plants into your garden, but have trouble finding them for sale? In this class, we will go over the basics of growing native plants and we will discuss how to obtain native plant materials used for propagation. Instructor: Gayle
  • Basics of Flowers. May 9, 10 a.m. Everything you wanted to know about annuals, perennials, bulbs and how to utilize them so that you have beautiful flowers in your garden all season long. Instructor: Adam
  • Creative Landscaping for DIYers. May 16, 10 am. Learn the secrets of landscaping and beautify your yard like a pro. Instructor: Chris Dixon.
  • Growing and Using Kitchen Herbs. May 23, 10 am. Who doesn’t love fresh herbs in the kitchen? Learn how to care for common kitchen herbs indoors or out so that you can have fresh herbs on hand all season long. We’ll also give you some simple recipe ideas to try at home. Instructor: Sidney
  • Warm Season Veggie GardeningMay 30, 10 a.m.  The home-gardening community continues to grow in Flagstaff: hooray! Join us for an engaging and participatory workshop to support food growing in our mountain town. And walk away with your own seedling starter kit (including seeds)! Topics include: the challenges (and solutions) of growing at 7,000 feet; garden preparation; vegetable selection; transplanting success; pest control and garden health. Instructor: Julie Lancaster
  • Tree Selection and Micro-climates. June 6, 10 am. Flagstaff has many microclimates depending on what part of town you live in. There might even be different microclimates based on what side of the house you are looking at. We will learn how to distinguish what your USDA planting zone is and what kinds of trees and shrubs will grow there. Instructor: Austin
  • Deer-Resistant Gardening. June 13, 10 am. Those pesky deer need to learn a lesson – and so do you! We can teach you what plants deer, rabbits, elk, and other pests tend to leave alone. However, we know that not all plants are deer-proof, so we can also show you what products to use to keep pests out of your garden! Instructor: Terry
  • Drip Irrigation and Watering Well. June 20, 10 am. Let’s face it: we live in Arizona – it’s dry! Drip irrigation is a great way to keep the cost of watering down and make sure your trees and shrubs are getting the water they need to thrive! This class will teach you how to water well and set up a drip system. Instructor: William
  • Organic Pest Management. June 27, 10 am. Stop! Don’t just reach for a spray bottle! There are other ways to control pests in the home garden. Learn about the principles of Integrated Pest Management and how you can reduce your dependence on toxic chemicals in the home garden. Instructor: Gayle
  • Plant Problems in the Home Garden. July 11, 10 am. Are your zucchini plants looking like they need to perk up? Did you notice a scar on your green pepper? In this class, we will cover some basic problems you may be experiencing in your garden in Flagstaff and we will discuss the environmental and biological factors that could be causing your plant problems. Instructor: Gayle
  • Gardening with Native Plants. July 18, 10 am. In this class, we will meander through Warner’s and learn about the native plants you can find in the nursery trade. We will also discuss the benefits of gardening with native plants, the difference between a native plant and a cultivar, and how gardening with native plants can bring our local pollinators to your yard. Instructor: Gayle
  • Plants and Pollinators. July 25, 10 am. Save the bees! Birds, bees, bats, and more are essential for ecosystem health. Creating a garden that benefits these creatures is not only rewarding but beautiful to look at. Our garden expert will teach you about common pollinators and their plant preferences, as well as what pest controls to avoid. Instructor: Patrick