Creating A Special Space in Your Garden

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Part of the true joy of gardening is watching individual plants grow, flourish and provide beauty (and sometimes really great eats!)

But the other thing you cultivate when you create a garden is a special space – a green, leafy outdoor oasis. It makes your garden and yard another “room” where you can unwind and enjoy life with your family.

Here’s what that room looks like at my house.

My yard has a bit of everything, and we’ve set it up so there are little surprises tucked into every corner. There’s a greenhouse for me to putter in and an outdoor chess set to play with. We make sure there are different seating areas where you will have a different view of the pretty flowers, so anyone can find a spot to just hang out and enjoy.

Water features are a big part of our backyard. There’s a waterfall and stream for the kids and dogs to get in when it’s hot.  I like to have running water for the birds, so we made a boulder with a hole on top that bubbles water. They love it! They also play in the stream, bathing and drinking out of it.

Speaking of water, one big change we did make is trading our lawn for artificial turf in order to be more water wise.

There are endless choices for what you can include in your backyard oasis. It can be rustic or elegant, modern or traditional. Just make sure the elements make you and your family happy and make it easy for you to enjoy the outdoors.

Flagstaff is beautiful in the summer and it seems silly to travel somewhere else when you can, with just a little effort, create your own paradise to enjoy all summer long, literally in your backyard.