Fall Gardening: So Much to Do!

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This week it officially became Fall – and that means lots to do for gardeners.

I know some of you are ready to pack up your trowels and call it a season, but this is the perfect time to extend the season and enjoy some more quality time outside.

But what exactly does fall gardening look like?

The threat of a freeze is always looming, so I’ll be honest with you – you’ll likely lose your “non-hardy” annuals. In fact, if you’d like to save any of them, I’d suggest cleaning them up and moving them inside.

But you can replace them with some fall favorites like mums, asters, flowering cabbage and kale, all of which will keep your garden looking beautiful for several more weeks. Meanwhile, spring blooms like pansies and violas have made a reappearance and aren’t threatened by a little cold weather – or even snow!

If you haven’t yet, make sure you get those spring-blooming bulbs into the ground before the freeze. Plus there’s still time to plant some cold-season veggies.

Fall is also a great time to get trees and perennials planted. I know the temptation might be to wait until next year, but there are a lot of advantages to getting them into the ground now. You’ll get more growth out of the plant next year if they are planted in the fall. Also, there’s less up-front care that is required when you plant this time of year.

The bottom line is any excuse to be outside gardening during this beautiful season is a good thing!

Hope you are enjoying your Fall and we hope to see you soon at Warner’s Nursery.

Happy Gardening,