Finding ‘Normal’ in the Garden

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We’ve made it to summer, hopefully safe and sound.

In a year as crazy as this one has been, one of the few sanctuaries for “normal” that we have left is our gardens. Being outdoors, growing things, even weeding for goodness’ sake, can be an escape during these times. 

Everything in the news from pandemics to politics is almost designed to make our hearts race each and every day. At the same time, the shutting down of so many of our favorite summer activities (big yard parties, movies, anything involving people not in your immediate household) can make this year feel crushingly boring.

Gardening can help with both, getting you away from the immediate concerns of the day and giving you a place to expend all that pent up energy. It keeps you active, but at your own pace. There’s always projects to work on, but very few hard deadlines.

(Except for watering and feeding your plants, of course. That’s definitely on a deadline, otherwise it’s your plants that will be dead.)

Being outdoors in your garden also gives you another “room” to take advantage of in your house. Which, if you’ve been trapped inside with your family for the past four months, is essential right now.

In fact, that’s a great project to work on during the summer: creating a new outdoor space to give your family a new setting to enjoy.

And, eventually, we’re going to be able to socialize more closely and have those big BBQ or outdoor cocktail parties. Won’t it be nice to have an inviting space already made for those events?  

Creating an outdoor “room” also provides a place to get away from our screens. Much of our lives now have to be conducted on Zoom and the like. Getting in the garden and away from your laptop or smartphone – even for just 15 minutes – is the pause that refreshes.  

So take a look at your garden, patio or yard and think about how you can enhance them this summer. If you need any advice, give us a call or visit at Warner’s Nursery. We’d be happy to help.

I hope you have a safe and fulfilling summer. 

Happy Gardening,