Getting Ready for Fall!

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It’s late summer and the tendency is to slow down our gardening efforts. We are harvesting from our veggie gardens, but with the shorter days and kids back at school, our gardens aren’t the high priority they once were.

But transitioning from summer to fall can be incredibly rewarding, and I’d hate for you to miss the opportunity of enjoying the unique joys of this season – not to mention getting your bulbs in for spring.

So here are some items that you should think about as summer turns to fall:

Great fall perennials: The classic, of course, is the wonderful mum, but there are also “tall fall” sedums, Rudbeckia, and gorgeous asters in pinks, whites, and purples.

Cool season veggies: We have a great environment in Northern Arizona for favorites like spinach, broccoli and kale. This is when they need to be planted so they can flourish.

Ornamental grasses: Try some Micanthus, Red Fountain Grass or Japanese sweet flag to put the thrill back in your “thrill, fill, spill” container. (Thrill is your centerpiece, fill is to fill it in and spill are the plants you add to spill over the sides.)

Bulbs for spring: Bulbs will be in stock in early September. Start thinking about where you want to see those tulips, irises, and crocuses next spring and stock up on bulbs next month.

I hope you have an awesome time finding those fall jewels that will extend your enjoyment of this year. Remember, there are still several weeks for you to enjoy the color (and flavor) that can come from your own backyard.

Happy gardening!

Psst – While I’ve got you thinking about fall, here’s a Save the Date for your calendar: Warner’s Nursery will be holding its Family Fall Festival on Saturday, October 20. Full of activities for the kids, refreshments, and lots of fun. Another reason to love fall.