Misti’s Blog: Summertime is magic

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Summer is magic.

There is something about this season, when school is out and the temperatures climb and everything around you says “relax – it’s summer.”

These are the months of feeling the grass under your bare feet and lying back to see what shapes the clouds make in the sky. It’s about super fresh foods (maybe even grown in your own garden!) and lemonade you squeeze yourself and barbecues in the backyard.

Summer is our busiest time at the nursery and we’re all working late hours. Still, this is the season when I get to kick back.

A big part of this is my kids. The boys are out of school, so we aren’t running around crazily arranging transportation to school or practice or a dozen other things. I get to spend more time with them (sometimes they even work at the nursery). I know how quickly they are growing up, and getting these extra precious hours with them means everything to me.

Another reason I love this season is I truly love gardening.

You know the line about the cobbler’s kids who don’t have shoes? That does not happen at my house. I might be working in a nursery all day, but I absolutely love gardening at home in my free time. It relaxes me, it makes me content, it feels good physically and mentally.

And you can’t argue with the results. The second best thing to gardening is getting to enjoy what you have created with your family and friends. Watching flowers bloom and trees take root and veggies grow is satisfying and wonderful.

I hope you have a fun-filled, relaxing summer. Have a swim, wear some great sandals, make sure to make time for your family. It’s magic, but it doesn’t last forever. Enjoy it while it’s here.

Happy gardening,