What Mom Wants this Year

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So what does Mom want this Mother’s Day?

That’s kind of a thorny issue this year because all of the things that you’d typically give a hardworking Mom on her special day are not options in the era of COVID-19 and social distancing.

A relaxing massage? Well, since you can’t exactly provide that as a curbside service, it probably won’t work. The traditional mani-pedi? Same problem. Dinner at a lovely restaurant with great vibe? Well, you can visit it and soak up the atmosphere for about three minutes while you wait for your takeout order. It’s just not the same.

And even those cute gifts that your kids make at school, those adorable crafts that just make your heart sing – well, the kids aren’t in school and it might be hard to get the cardboard, yarn and tissue paper needed to make them at home. 

So I think the big thing is to focus on what I believe most mothers want (because it’s what I know I would want this year): more quality time with the family.

Now I can hear you saying, “Wait a minute. I’ve been 24/7 with my spouse and children for the past six weeks. How much more togetherness can we possibly stand?”

But notice I said quality time. Time relaxing and just enjoying each other’s company. Time doing things that are fun and engaging. Time that isn’t dictated by what you “have” to do (like homeschooling or chores) or what you do just to idly pass the time because you are stuck in your house (hello, Netflix binges.)

So this year, maybe don’t stress the gifts so much. Aim for the activities that she loves, in order to show her your love.

And here’s where I’m going to do a plug for gardening. There’s nothing like giving Mom flowers that will last all season long and playing in the dirt together. Or maybe getting those tomato plants started – fun and yummy.

Or planting a new tree. That’s a real sign of hope in a scary time, isn’t it, planting a sapling that won’t reach maturity for a while. What a way of saying that you believe tomorrow is going to be better.

Gardening will get your whole family outdoors in the clean, fresh air. It will let you soak up the sun. And it will put you in contact with the beauty of living things.

We’d love to help you pick out the perfect items for Mom (from a distance of course) or fill a curbside to-go order of plants for you. 

I hope everyone has a very, very happy Mother’s Day next Sunday. 

Happy gardening,