A Bright Spot this Spring

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During this time of anxiety and uncertainty, the thing that gives me hope and a sense of peace is right outside my door where…

My baby daffodils are blooming.

I know that might not seem like much. It’s spring, bulbs bloom, that’s their job. But honestly, I’m taking my victories where I can find them nowadays.

Seeing my perennials come back, marveling at the hardiness of pansies and violas, catching the awesome pale green of new leaves on the trees – those are the highlights of my days.

Spring is in the air folks – and now more than ever, we need to enjoy it.

The health benefits of gardening have been noted even when there isn’t an emergency going on. Being out in the fresh air, the satisfaction of growing something and the sheer beauty of flowers and tastiness of veggies and herbs that you cultivate are all wonderful for your mental wellbeing.

Even the soil wants to make you happy, apparently. Microbes that are essential for the life cycle of plants also stimulate serotonic production in humans. One study showed that bacteria in the soil works on neurons in a fashion similar to Prozac. No wonder we love to play in the dirt.

But now, in this time with lots of folks working from home or practicing self-isolation, horticulture is becoming even more important. Gardening reminds you to get outside (or bring a little of the outdoors in with houseplants). It gives you the opportunity to walk away from the tv news or the social media feeds and get a needed break. It alleviates boredom. And it give you something awesome to do with your kids, who might be having some boredom issues of their own.

So I hope that during this time you don’t give up on gardening. It has the potential to nourish you body and soul and give you a reprieve from all the bad news out there.

Because every time I look at my baby daffodils, I know that Mother Nature is giving us hope for the season to come.

Happy Gardening!