Houseplant of the Week: Frizzle Sizzle

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Looking to put some pizzazz in your houseplant collection? Well, Warner’s is happy to announce we have some rare Frizzle Sizzle in stock. This native of South Africa is a bulb plant that features fabulously corkscrew leaves.

When in flower, the Frizzle Sizzle (more formally known as the Albuca spiralis) has fragrant, yellow blooms with a sweet smell similar to vanilla.

Caring for Your Frizzle Sizzle

  • Keep them warm. This plant thrives best at temps over 60 degrees. 
  • It likes sunlight, but not direct sunlight, which can burn its leaves.
  • On the other hand, not enough sunlight will take the sizzle out of the frizzle and your leaves won’t curl as much.
  • Let your plant dry out between waterings. 
  • Frizzle sizzles tend to go dormant in the summer after flowering. At that point, stop watering and fertilizing until you see new foliage in the fall/winter.
  • The Frizzle Sizzle seems to be blessedly free of pests and disease, making it an easy plant to maintain.
  • Final note: When your Frizzle Sizzle sends up its flower stalks in the spring, the tips of the leaves might brown. This is a natural occurrence and not a sign that your plant is ill.