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Houseplant of the Week: String of Dolphins

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Rare and super unique, String of Dolphins is a fun succulent whose leaves literally look like tiny dolphins jumping out of the water.

These plants look fabulous in a mixed container or in a hanging basket on its own with the distinctive leaves hanging down.

Like most succulents, String of Dolphins are relatively low maintenance and have few growing issues. They need well-draining soil, however, to thrive.

They prefer bright, indirect light or filtered light from a window. They also tend to thrive in slightly crowded conditions, so think about mixing them with other smaller succulents and decorating with a sea theme of seashells or sand dollars.

Houseplant of the Week: Echeveria

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Is it any surprise that a houseplant this beautiful is named after an artist?

In 1787, Atanasio Echeverría y Godoy was part of the Royal Botanical Expedition to New Spain, an exploration of areas throughout what is now California, Mexico, Cuba and Puerto Rico. He created hundreds of drawings of the plants they discovered and cataloged, including this group of succulents.

There are about 150 species of Echeveria, most of which feature the beautiful rosette design. They are sturdy plants that can be grown in the shade, but can also take some frost. All the species are drought-resistant, but they tend to grow better with regular watering and fertilizing.

Most species lose their lower leaves in winter. Since these droppings can be fertile ground for a fungus that can then attack the plant, you should remove them regularly.

Early Bird Specials This Saturday

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It’s our Fall Early Bird Sale. Set the alarm and make sure to visit Warner’s between 9 and 11 am to save on these items:

  • BOGO 1gallon Mums
  • 30-50% off all perennials
  • 30% off all shrubs
  • 30% off select deciduous trees (choose from Locust, Chokecherry, Crabapples and fruit trees)

9 am to 11 am only on Saturday, Oct. 5!

Houseplant of the Week: Pilea Depressa (Baby’s tears)

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Don’t let the name fool you – Pilea Depressa might be called the “Baby tears” plant, but you will have nothing to cry about with this beauty.

Alex, our houseplant guru here at Warner’s, is a big fan. She says, “This plant will spice up your room with its bright green color.”

Pilea Depressa has small thick leaves. It’s a nice and easy-to-keep plant that looks very pretty in a hanging pot, because the stalks with leaves will hang down. But it also does well in a terrarium, where it can be a decorative climbing plant.

Pilea Depressa likes medium to high light, but no direct light, which will burn the leaves and turn your bright green plant brown.

Allow your plant to dry out between waterings, and don’t let water stand in the saucer underneath the plant.

Houseplant of the Week: Rhaphidophora tetrasperma

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Often called the mini Monstera because of its resemblance to the Monstera deliciosa, the Rhaphidophora tetrasperma is having its moment in the sun as the “it” plant trending on social media.

And it’s not hard to see why – it grows easily and fast and just look those cute peek-a-boo leaves!

Give your Rhaphidophora bright indirect light. These plants don’t like a lot of direct sun, but some is fine. Rhaphidophora likes to be moist but not waterlogged, which – as in so many cases of overwatering – will cause root rot. On the other hand, don’t wait so long to water that it dries out.

One special item you might want to get for your Rhaphidophora is a sturdy climbing support as it does like to climb.

Houseplant of the Week: Kalanchoe

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Kalanchoe, which also goes by the lively names “Flaming Katy” and “Madagascar Widow’s-thrill,” is a popular succulent that comes in a wide variety of vibrant colors, including yellow, pink, magenta, orange and red. These blooms are set off by gorgeous, large, deep-green leaves.

They like bright, natural light as long as they don’t get too much direct sun, which can cause burning. The more light they get, the better; the flowers often won’t bloom if the plant doesn’t get enough.

As succulents, Kalanchoe don’t want to be sopping wet. They need good drainage. Water well and then water again when dry (which could mean up to two weeks depending on your house temperature, lighting and the size of the pot).

When you repot, use a mix of regular potting soil and one designed for succulents. And while Kalanchoe aren’t particularly vulnerable to pests, keep an eye out for aphids and mealybugs.

4th of July Savings

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4th of July Holiday Hours: 8:30 am – 4 pm

Warner’s is celebrating Independence Day with these
July 4th specials:

  • Buy 2, get 1 free on 6 pack annuals
  • 20% off any 1 perennial
  • 30% off any 1 item not already on sale

Warner’s Blood Drive July 3

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Join us for the Warner’s Annual Blood Drive and donate blood on Wednesday, July 3 at Warner’s Nursery. We’ll have the cool and comfortable bloodmobile bus from Vitalant in our parking lot at 1101 E. Butler Ave. from 10 am to 3 pm.

Every summer, blood donations drop by about 25% as typical donors are away on vacation or busy with projects.  You can help by donating your blood on July 3.

In addition to being a hero for giving a pint of blood at Warner’s Nursery, you’ll also be eligible for some great prizes:

  • 15 percent off your entire purchase of regularly-priced items on Wednesday, July 3.
  • Entry into a drawing for a $25 Warner’s gift card.
  • Free one-day admission into the Coconino County Fair.

For more information, you can contact us at 928-744-1983 or schedule your appointment at Use sponsor code “warners” to find our July 3 blood drive.

We hope to see you there!

Class: Drip Irrigation & Watering Well

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Let’s face it: we live in Arizona – it’s dry! Drip irrigation is a great way to keep the cost of watering down and make sure your trees and shrubs are getting the water they need to thrive! This class will teach you how to water well and set up a drip system.

This class is part of the Warner’s Root Camp series. A limited number of seats will be available to non-Root Camp members at a cost of $15. Please call to determine availability.