Houseplant of the Week: Spider Plant

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You have to love the nicknames that this week’s houseplant goes by: the airplane plant, the ribbon plant, and (our favorite) hen and chickens. But for most of us, the variegated leaves of Chlorophytum comosum are best known as “the spider plant.”

It’s easy to see where these names come from. In addition to its long arched leaves, spider plants produce “pups,” little plantlets that trail down looking like little spiders. This makes it a great hanging plant. You can even transplant these pups into new pots to propagate them.

Spider plants like indirect sunlight, as direct sunlight can burn the tips of their leaves. (Cut the tips off if this happens). They also like nice even moisture, so a good potting soil mix is essential. These guys grow fast, so you might want to repot them every once in a while so they don’t get root-bound.

Like many of the plants we’ve featured in this series, spider plants are good at detoxifying the air.