Holiday Gift Tips

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One of the great blessings of this time of year is that it gives us a chance to celebrate and focus on others, and the perfect opportunity to thank them for the impact they have in our lives all year long.

There’s obviously those nearest and dearest to you, but there’s also a whole group of people who you might not see every day but play a significant role in our lives.

Often these are folks who get some cookies or candy or maybe some cut flowers. But if you want to give a holiday gift that lasts (and is 0 calories) to your hairstylist, dog walker, yoga instructor or babysitter, can I suggest the following:

  • Holiday coasters – Our crafty girl Alex recently held a workshop on creating these cool gifts. If you are into DIY, this is a great way to give a personalized gift. It just requires a few tiles, some holiday wrapping paper, and Mod Podge. Usually, you will give a set of four coasters, but you might want to buy an extra tile or two for practice, particularly if you are new at this.
  • If you are looking for a hostess gift to thank someone for their hospitality, you might consider guest bathroom soaps and novelty guest towels. People who host a lot of parties are always in need of these things.
  • Himalayan Salt Lamps – I’ve been hearing about these a lot the past year. Very pretty, and if you get the ones with the round salt balls that are heated by the lamp, it’s like a home heated rock spa kit.
  • Cookie cutters! I know, I know – I said gifts with zero calories, but who can resist Christmas cookies this time of year. Plus, a lot of high-quality (yet affordable) sets have shapes good for the entire year. One of my favorites includes an elephant, dinosaur, airplane, and footprint.
  • Christmas cactus, poinsettia or other potted plant – This is another gift that lasts far beyond the holiday season (yes, even the Christmas cactus or poinsettia, if you treat them right). Our staff at Warner’s would be happy to help you pick out a nice plant and gussy it up to make it a lovely gift.

I hope you are enjoying the snow, the get-togethers and the joy that marks this season. It’s only a couple of weeks until the big day – I can hardly wait.

Happy Holidays,