Houseplant of the Week: Princess Philodendron

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The Philodendron ‘Princess’ is a beautiful and popular houseplant known for its stunning variegated leaves which have splashes of pink, white, and green.

This plant is relatively easy to care for, but it does have a few specific needs.

Caring for Your Princess

  • Light: The ‘Pink Princess’ needs bright, indirect light. Light plays a large role in the amount of variegation you’ll see in the leaves, but placing it in in direct sunlight risks scorching the leaves.
  • Water: You can allow the top half of your plants soil to dry out between waterings and then you should water well. This typically translates into watering once a week in the spring and summer and every two weeks in the fall and winter.
  • Humidity: The Philodendron Princess prefers warm (65 to 79 degrees) and humid conditions. If the air in your home is dry, you can place the pot on a pebble tray filled with water. Avoid placing this plant in drafty areas or near vents.
  • Soil: Use a well-draining potting mix. A mixture of equal parts potting soil, perlite, and peat moss is ideal.