Saying ‘I Love You’ with Flowering Plants

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Happy Valentine’s Weekend.

For you lovebirds out there, I know this year might present unique challenges in finding a gift for your significant other.

A nice romantic meal at a restaurant is probably out. Cut flowers are lovely but don’t last long. And let’s face it – many of us have already put on some pounds during the pandemic, so chocolates might not be appreciated.

Can I suggest a beautiful flowering plant as an alternate Valentine’s gift this year? It has all the romance of flowers except it lasts longer and will be happily blooming long after you’ve finished off that box of Lindt or Whitman chocolates.

We’ve got a great selection of flowering houseplants at Warner’s right now, ranging from the easy-to-maintain to the exotic. Impress your beloved with one of these:

  • Anthurium – an almost perfect Valentine’s Day plant, with leaves and deep red flowers that are heart-shaped.
  • African Violets – petite and pretty, these cute plants are easy to cultivate in a small space.
  • Flowering Jasmine – while not all jasmine flowers are fragrant, the variety commonly used for growing jasmine indoors has a sweet aroma, particularly at night. 
  • Cyclamen – For centuries, these plants have been associated with matters of the heart. In fact, ancient Greek lore talks about using the plant to make food that would cause a person to fall madly in love. (Do NOT attempt this; the plant is not meant to be eaten and in fact consuming it raw could make you sick).
  • Orchids – Exotic and elegant, these beautiful flowers make a statement. They are also perfect for a loved one who suffers from allergies; orchid pollen is not airborne. Instead it is stored in a waxy substance on the plants, making them essentially hypoallergenic.

If you need help picking out the perfect flowering plant to present to your loved one this weekend, our staff is ready to help with advice and suggestions.

Happy Valentine’s Day!