Warner’s Kids’ Club is Back!

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One of the things we’ve really missed this year because of COVID-19 is being able to have our club for kids. Usually, the “Mud Club” would meet every couple of weeks with fun, hands-on lessons about how plants work.

It was good for us (there’s nothing like the unabashed enthusiasm of kids playing in the dirt). It was also good for our young participants. Horticulture is a really effective way of teaching things like patience and responsibility. 

But in 2020, our get-togethers needed to be curtailed because of safety concerns.

Which is why I’m so very excited to announce that this Saturday, September 12, we’ll be launching our online version of the Warner’s Kids’ Club.

Our New Video Series Debuts

It will be a video series uploaded on Facebook every other weekend to explore plants, science and the environment. Each class will include a fun project you can do at home and we’ll have “kits” set up for purchase here at the nursery.

This Saturday we’ll be talking about the water cycle – how water on the ground heats up, turns into vapor, rises into the sky where it cools, becomes heavier and returns to Earth in the form of rain.

What’s even cooler is that we’ll show kids how to recreate this phenomena with a self-watering seedling. All it takes is a couple of cups, some seeds and seedling plant mix and, of course, water.

As I mentioned, we’ll have a kit for purchase specifically for this kid club. And the beauty of this video series is that you can access it at any time, giving your child one more fun activity to do at home. 

We hope that you – and your child – enjoy this new video series. 

Happy Gardening,