Houseplant of the Week: Philodendron

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This week’s houseplant, Philodendron, comes in many varieties, including Splitleaf, Brasil and Hope Selloum, but one of our favorites here at the nursery is the “Swiss Cheese” philodendron.

The name comes from the holes that form on its heart-shaped leaves as it gets older.

In addition to being beautiful, they are relatively easy to care for.

  • All philodendrons like bright, but indirect, light.
  • These are tropical plants, so they like their humidity. A swiss cheese philodendron in your bathroom or kitchen will likely be a happy plant.
  • It’s a good idea to let the top inch of soil dry out between waterings.
  • If you give them some support, they will climb like a vine.

Finally, if your leaves are pale, it’s likely that your Philodendron isn’t getting enough calcium and magnesium. A good fertilizer will help you correct any nutritional deficiencies for your plant – just ask one of our experts at Warner’s about which fertilizer would be right for your philodendron.