Houseplant of the Week: Areca Palm

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With the Areca Palm, the thing to remember is that this houseplant loves the light. Bright, indirect light, preferably from a south or west facing window is the ticket to making this palm grow.

And grow it will. Your tabletop version will gain anywhere from 6 to 10 inches every year until it reaches its mature height of six to seven feet.

Their fronds can have up to 100 leaves that spread out beautifully, which is why this variety is often referred to as the butterfly palm. However, they are one of the few palms that do well if you trim them, making it easier to keep the plant indoors for its lifespan without having to rearrange your furniture to fit it. 🙂

While Areca Palms are not difficult to care for, you can’t neglect them. They like enough water to keep their soil slightly moist in the spring and summer, while you should let the soil dry slightly between waterings in the fall and winter. As for food, you can use a time-release fertilizer in the spring that will last the whole season.

You’ll need to repot your Areca every couple of years, mostly to replenish the soil and remove fertilizer salt deposits that can build up.