Coffee Arabica

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This is a great plant that can produce colorful cherries against a backdrop of glossy dark green foliage but is very cute even when it doesn’t have berries or flowers.  When berries appear, they go from yellow to orange, then finally to deep red. Each cherry produces two coffee beans, but they don’t produce every year and, in fact, an indoor version may not produce coffee at all.

The coffee tree is a natural air purifier. It will absorb harmful particles from the air, releasing more oxygen. In addition, to make the air in your home purer, you’ll also feel good knowing that your beans were not sprayed with pesticides and are free of harmful chemicals.

This evergreen plant requires minimum maintenance and is trouble free. Keep it in a pot indoors. Never let the temperature fall below 30 degrees. They like bright, indirect light. Soil should be acidic to neutral. They also like high humidity (you can make a humidity tray by putting some gravel in a saucer and filling the saucer with water).