Houseplant of the Week: Algerian Ivy

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Algerian Ivy

The image that probably pops into most people’s heads when you mention Ivy is the vine you often see clinging to the sides of houses. In fact, as a vine, it’s often considered invasive because of its aggressive growth.

But as a houseplant, ivy is a favorite of indoor gardening enthusiasts. Algerian Ivy (Hedera canariensis), with its cascading foliage and elegant demeanor, is a versatile houseplant with lovely dark green leaves often edged in creamy white.

This plant has larger leaves than its cousin, English Ivy, and is slightly more drought tolerant.  

Caring for Your Algerian Ivy Plant

The most important thing your ivy plant needs is the right amount of light. Ivy plants that are mostly green like bright indirect light, but variegated versions with white on the leaves prefer medium light.

While Ivy plants like regularly watering, they don’t want to be waterlogged as this can make the roots rot.

Remember to feed your plant, too. Fertilize your ivy with a water soluble, nitrogen-rich fertilizer about once a month except in winter, when the plant is dormant.