Houseplant of the Week: Blue Star Fern

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We continue our tour of exotic looking ferns (we recently wrote about Staghorn Ferns) with the Blue Star Fern, a plant once again featuring unique looking fronds, but an easy-going manner.

In fact, Blue Stars will do well in topiaries without much growing material and in pots, as long as there’s good drainage.

It’s wavy fronds grow from rhizomes and can range in color from silver to blue-grey to green. Unlike most ferns, Blue Stars are more tolerant of drier climates and can take a little more sun than the typical fern plant. Park them where they can enjoy bright, but indirect light and they should be happy.

If your fern is going to be in a pot, make sure the planting material drains well. We’ve gotten mixed reports about using something like orchid mix, but a houseplant specific soil with a little perlite to increase drainage seems to work well. Also, avoid terra cotta pots as they tend to dry out too fast.

Water your plant generously once you notice the pot drying out, letting water runs out of drainage holes at the bottom. You might want to do this in your sink, because you want it to fully drain before putting it back on a saucer. In fact, don’t let your plant sit in a saucer full of water, as it could lead to root rot.

Blue stars don’t require much food – the nutrients in your soil will hold it for a few months, then only feed a small amount during the growing season and none at all in the winter months.