Houseplant of the Week: Hoya

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Banner with Hoya houseplant

Often called the “wax” plant because of its waxy leaves and star-shaped flowers, the Hoya is one of those plants that does better in bright, natural light. It will survive in medium and even low-light as well, but like most flowering houseplants, the more light it gets, the more blooms it will produce.

Caring for Your Hoya

This is a pretty easy going plant, but there are some basics.

  • Your hoya would prefer being too dry instead of too wet. Water it when the potting mix dries out and make sure not to overwater as that will cause root rot.
  • Although technically not a succulent, those thick leaves and stems do store water, so it will forgive you if you miss a watering.
  • The plant doesn’t require fertilizer, but you can use any general purpose houseplant fertilizer to get it to bloom better. (Warner’s has several good options.) Just follow the directions on the packaging.