Houseplant of the Week: Sansevieria

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Our houseplant of the week goes by many, many names. Technically, it is Sansevieria, but you might know it as the Snake Plant, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue or even Viper’s Bowstring Hemp, as the plant’s strong fibers were once used for making bowstrings for hunting in its native Africa.

Whatever you call it, this bold and beautiful plant with its long, slender leaves typically edged in a lighter green-gray color, is quite a stunner. And quite forgiving. It’s really hard to kill a Snake Plant – basically overwatering is all you have to worry about. And like many of the plants we have featured in this space, Sansevieria is great at ridding your home of airborne toxins.


  • Allow soil to dry between watering and be careful to not overwater.
  • Try to avoid getting leaves wet when you water.
  • While they prefer indirect light, these plants are tolerant of a variety of light conditions – including florescent-only lighting!