Houseplant of the Week: Zebra Plant

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This week’s houseplant feature is a little harder to grow than many of the other ones we’ve shared with you – but it is so beautiful, we think it’s worth the effort.

These gorgeous guys are known by their pointy deep green glossy leaves shot through with silvery veins, giving them their iconic striped appearance.

And in the late summer or early autumn, these plants flower – tall, elegant flowers that last up to six weeks and are very striking.

But you need to pay attention to what your zebra wants – and he wants bright light, high humidity and plenty of water. Never allow the soil to dry out. You might want to use lukewarm water to keep the soil temperature up; and you don’t want house temps to fall below 60 degrees for smaller plants. Larger plants actually would prefer the temps to be above 70 degrees – greenhouse or conservatory conditions, truly.

But you can raise these lovelies in your home, if you are willing to keep the heat on and keep them well watered. For your effort, you’ll get a healthy plant that annually produces some show-stopping blooms as a bonus.