Monstera Peru

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Banner with detail of monstera peru leaves and a monstera peru plant in a white planter

Imagine crossbreeding a monstera with a succulent. What you would most likely get is a Monstera Peru.

This plant looks quite different from your typical Monstera. It’s thick, glossy, leathery leaves do not have holes or splits like a Monstera delicosia. Instead they are solid and dramatically veined. They also are why this Monstera is pretty drought resistant, despite being a tropical plant.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t water yours regularly, but we recommend waiting until the two top inches of soil are dry to avoid overwatering.

Monstera Peru originates from the Amazon region (thus the name, although in addition to Peru, many of these plants can be found in other parts of the Amazon basin, like Venezuela.) They like bright, but indirect light and direct sunlight can burn those beautiful leaves.

Another benefit of this plan is that while it can grow to six or eight feet, it does so slowly, so it won’t outgrow your space for quite some time.

As an epiphyte, the monstera Peru naturally likes to climb, so a little trellis can be a good idea, but you can also have the leaves trailing down.