Neon Pothos

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Pothos is that plant that you usually give to your friends when you aren’t sure if they have green thumbs or not. Almost anyone can cultivate this not-too-fussy plant.

While most pothos fall into the “golden pothos” family, there is one that’s particularly eye-catching because of its extremely bright, heart-shaped leaves: the appropriately named “neon” pothos.

Like the more common golden pothos, these plants look great in a pot or hanging in a container. We suggest that you give your plant bright indirect light, not only so it can thrive, but also so it can maintain that striking neon color. (Neon pothos in low-light conditions will survive, but their leaves will start to get darker).

One of the very few demands of all pothos is to not be overwatered, so keep the top few inches of soil dry and test the soil prior to watering. While pothos don’t necessarily require fertilization, particularly if they have good nutritious soil, you can feed them on a regular schedule from April or May through August. Just follow the instructions on the label of your favorite plant food.

Pothos love a good misting and it’s also important to dust them when needed so they photosynthesize efficiently. This also gives you a chance to inspect your plant for any pesky pests or bugs.