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Note: Pothos plants are 20% off from Dec. 16 until Dec. 24.

It’s hard not to love the very easy-going Pothos.

These versatile houseplants look great in a pot or hanging in a container (they look particularly fetching in macrame hangers, which are making a big comeback.) They grow well in bright light or direct light, meaning they pretty much will flourish anywhere in your home.

Even better, they are not susceptible to insect infestation and they rarely get any type of fungus or disease.

Caring for Your Pothos – One of┬átheir very few demands is not being overwatered, so keep the top few inches of soil dry and test the soil prior to watering. You should feed them on a regular schedule from April or May through August. Just follow the instructions on the label of your favorite plant food. (We recommend VF11 organic liquid fertilizer once a month.)