Houseplant of the Week: Anthurium ‘Zizou’

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The elegant cousin of the traditional red waxy anthurium, ‘Zizou’ blooms almost look like a prayer plant that decided to dress up in pink and purple. The distinctive bend at the top of its long colorful spathe leaves is why this anthurium is often known as the “flamingo flower.”

Native to South America and the Caribbean, this “statement” plant can make a lovely centerpiece on a table in your living or dining rooms, but it will also do well in a kitchen or bathroom as it loves humidity.

Like other anthuriums, Zizou thrives in bright, indirect light. You can have them in low-lit areas and the foliage will do well, but they won’t flower. They are not particularly fussy about feeding (general fertilizer every few months is a good idea), and they like their soil moist but not wet. Only water when the top inch or two has dried out. Periodic misting is also a good idea for this tropical beauty.

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