Houseplant of the Week: Philodendron Moonlight

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Moonlight is another bright and beautiful hybrid from the philodendron family. Its leaves unfurl from a central red column and then mature into light, luminous lime green and deep emerald colors. Its vibrancy makes it a great addition to your household.

Here are some guidelines when cultivating your plant:

Light: Like most philodendron, Moonlight likes bright indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight or you might risk burning those gorgeous leaves.

Water: A tropical plant, the Moonlight philodendron enjoys water in moderation. In the spring and summer, keep the top inch of soil moist to the touch, but starting in September, cut back and allow the soil to dry out a bit between waterings.

Soil: A good, fast-draining soil is best. You don’t want your plant sitting in water.

Temperature/Humidity: Moonlight philodendron likes warmth and humidity. A humidifier, pebble tray or daily misting can make your plant happier.