Houseplant of the Week: Lithops

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Clusters of Lithops plants

Lithops, split succulents, known as “living rocks,” make a rare, colorful and easy-to-care-for  addition to your houseplant  garden.

Tiny and total heat lovers, Lithops are native to South Africa and grow very, very slowly. They also tend to flower prior to producing new leaves, which emerge from the split in the plant.

Caring for Your Lithops Plant

Soil: Your Lithops needs good draining soil, and we recommend a cactus mix, maybe with some pebbles to increase drainage.

Water: Lithops store water in their leaves, which can keep them hydrated for months. That makes overwatering a concern. However, the little guys get stunted if they don’t have enough H20. The solution is making sure to water only when the soil is thoroughly dry. Here’s a cool trick – put a wooden skewer into the soil and see if it’s moist when you take it out. If it is, the plant doesn’t need to be watered just yet. Also, if your plant is in the process of producing new leaves, hold off on the watering until the old pair of leaves are dried up and withered.

Light: Sun and plenty of it. East or south facing sunny windows will give them the light and heat they need.

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