Houseplant of the Week: Peperomia ‘Ginny’

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Peperomias are tropical plants from the pepper family that are popular as indoor plants because they are easy to take care of and come in an almost endless array of colors and varieties.

One of the newest versions is Peperomia clusiifolia known as Peperomia Ginny or sometimes a Tricolor Peperomia because of its varigated, colorful leaves.

Like other Peperomia, this plant thrives in medium to bright, indirect light, but it can also tolerate low light relatively well.

You’ll want to water your plant every one to two weeks, allowing the potting mix or soil to dry out between waterings. If you see your leaves turning yellow and dropping off, it can be a sign that you are overwatering.

Because of a tendency towards root rot, you’ll want to plant your Peperomia in a pot with good drainage and use a light, well-draining soil for your plant.