Houseplant of the Week: Pink Panther

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Petite and pretty, Tradescantia ‘Pink Panther’ is a little more subtle than the cartoon character it’s named for – but we think even Inspector Clouseau could figure out why it’s a terrific household plant.

Its tufted leaves are colored icy green, white and a soft pink. The foliage gently cascades over the edge of pots, making it perfect for elevated containers or hanging planters. In addition, it’s easy to care for and grows quickly (up to 12 inches high and 24 inches wide).

Here are some guidelines for cultivating your Pink Panther:

Light: Part of the succulent family, Pink Panther needs bright, indirect sunlight when grown indoors. As with many plants, you should avoid direct sunlight, which could damage those beautiful leaves.

Water: Give your plant a good watering, but then let it dry out before watering again.

Soil: A specialized succulent potting soil is ideal, but any good, fast-draining mix will work.

Temperature/Humidity: Warm and cozy are the watchwords for Pink Panther, which also likes humidity, so a pebble tray or humidifier is a good idea for your plant.