Houseplant of the Week: Rosemary Cone

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A perfect hostess gift for the holiday parties on your calendar, the rosemary cone plant adds festive cheer (and an amazing fragrance) to any Christmas decor.

Rosemary is a perennial herb with fragrant needle-like leaves that’s easy to grow. But it’s also super useful as a herb with its flavorful silvery gray-green leaves.

You can arrange rosemary cone trees for table centerpieces or in your foyer. You can also have it in containers by the front door.

Caring for your Rosemary plant:

  • During the winter, place your rosemary in a sunny spot, like a bright window. Remember to turn the plant periodically so it gets sun on all sides.
  • Water your rosemary every other day – you want to make sure the soil never dries out.
  • The soil in the pot needs to be well draining, but you can have water remain in the saucer to provide humidity for the plant.