Houseplant of the Week: ‘Whale Fin’ Sansevieria

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Whale Fin Sansevieria houseplant in pot against wood background

When we think of Sansevieria, we typically envision the plant popularly known as the “snake plant” with long slender leaves that are typically edged in green-gray or yellow.

But there is a rarer version of the species that is arguably even more striking. The “whale fin” or Sansevieria Masoniana takes its name from the wide, paddle-like leaves. Typically dark green with lighter mottling, these leaves can grow to a whopping four feet long by 10 inches wide. 

If grown in bright conditions, this plant will form a stalk of white flower clusters as well.

We say “if” because, like its snake plant cousin, the whale fin will tolerate a wide range of lighting conditions. Also like the snake plant, this is another easy to care for plant that is great for beginners.


  • Allow soil to dry between watering and be careful to not overwater. The foliage will “pucker” when the plant is thirsty.
  • Try to avoid getting leaves wet when you water.
  • While they prefer bright indirect light, these plants are tolerant of a variety of light conditions – including florescent-only lighting!