This Week’s Specials

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October 15 through October 21

  • All Flowering trees including Crabapple, Flowering Plum, Flowering Pear are 30% off
  • All Vines 30% off
  • All perennials 50% off (excluding mums)
  • Fountains and Statuary 50% off
  • Buy three or more regular sized pumpkins for $5 each (regularly $7 each)
  • Buy one, get one free on 1-gallon annual flowers

Time to Celebrate Fall

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Do you love being outside during fall as much as I do?

What’s not to love – turning Aspen trees, crisp mornings, fresh apple cider (and, wow, did we have a bumper crop of apples this year!)

And even while we are cleaning up our gardens in preparation of winter, there’s still some planting that can be done so that we can squeeze every minute of outdoor living before the really cold weather arrives.

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to get those bulbs into the ground for next spring. Spring blooming bulbs need to be planted in the fall because they require a long period of cool temperatures to spark the biochemical process that causes them to flower. But you can’t wait too long, because you need to get them in before the ground freezes.

Fall is also a great time to get trees and perennials planted. I know the temptation might be to wait until next year, but there are a lot of advantages to getting them into the ground now. You’ll get more growth out of the plant next year if they are planted in the fall. Also, there’s less up-front care that is required when you plant this time of year.

Plus, any excuse to be outside before it snows is a good idea!

If you need another excuse to play outside during Autumn, mark your calendar for Saturday, Oct. 20, when we’ll be holding our Warner’s Annual Fall Festival from 10 am to 2 pm. It’s a family-friendly annual celebration of Autumn with lots of fun activities (hay maze, pumpkin patch, a petting zoo, face-painting, Kiddie Caboose, a bouncy house if it’s not too windy), refreshments and more.

Hope you are enjoying your Fall and we hope to see you soon at Warner’s Nursery.

Happy Gardening,

Early Bird Specials This Saturday

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Stop by bright and early this Saturday, October 6, for our Early Bird Sale at Warner’s Nursery. All specials available from 8 am to 11 am.

  • 30% off all pottery

  • 25% off any shade tree

  • Buy 2 shrubs and get 1 free

Sales only good from 8 am to 11 am this Saturday, October 6.

Warner’s on Wheels

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I love the crew at Warner’s Nursery.

We are so fortunate to have such an amazing management team. They are big believers in figuring out new ways to reach our customers and seize on new, fun ideas that keep us fresh and relevant.

Which is why I’m so proud of our newest innovation – Warner’s on Wheels.

We brainstormed the idea one day and before we knew it, we were the proud owners of a kidney-shaped concession truck that will allow us to bring our nursery to you!

Going mobile will allow us to expand our educational outreach programs to schools and other organizations. It will also allow us to be part of events that we love.

For example, the Warner’s on Wheels wagon will be making its debut at next month’s First Friday Art Walk on the evening of Oct. 5. We’ll be in the parking lot just outside of Mother Road Brewing on Mikes Pike (many, many thanks to them for partnering with us!)

We’ll have an assortment of small pots and some succulents to check out, plus we’ll be giving away Warner’s nursery coupons.

So stop by for an artisan brew at Mother Road Brewing and come say hi as we launch Warner’s on Wheels.

Bulb Seminar Saturday, Sept. 22

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Free Bulb Planting Seminar
10 am, Sept. 22

If you want beautiful tulips and daffodils next spring, the time to plant is this fall. Learn all about how and when to plan your spring-blooming bulbs. And for those of you who can’t wait, we’ll also talk about how to coax bulbs to bloom indoors.

Hooray for Houseplants

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Summer’s on its way out and the cooler evenings are forcing us back inside.

Which makes this the perfect time to talk about the unsung heroes of our homes and offices – the humble houseplant.

Plants in your home or where you work have lots of terrific benefits for your physical and emotional health. Because houseplants breathe in the carbon dioxide we give off, it’s pretty obvious that we need them around. But houseplants also work to remove many airborne toxins from the air as well.

Then there are the psychological benefits. According to an article published this year in Psychology Today, studies show that having potted plants around – particularly green, leafy ones – have a calming effect that can boost our mood, our creativity and even how well we interact with others.

Not to mention that there are so many different ways to display plants in your home. In addition to the almost endless variety of traditional plant containers, there are terrariums, hanging kokedama (Japanese-style plants in circular moss balls), even glass beakers, like the one I have on my desk with succulents in it. A friend of mine recycled a purse she wasn’t using anymore and turned it into a planter.

If you are new to houseplants, there are some ones that are pretty fool-proof like succulents, pothos or spider plants. Spiders and golden pothos are also among the plants recommended for their air-cleaning benefits. Others are:

  • Philodendron (many varieties)
  • Dracaena (many varieties)
  • English Ivy
  • Mother in law’s tongue
  • Peace Lily
  • Chinese Evergreen

To get the full benefits of houseplants you want to have enough around that you can see one or two from pretty much anywhere in your house, but not so many that it feels cramped. I’d recommend about 15 or so for a home of 2,000-square-feet.

Houseplant 101: How Not to Kill Your Houseplants

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Houseplants have amazing powers. They purify our air, improve our mood and are very pretty to look at. Learn all about the benefits of having houseplants at our free seminar on Saturday, September 8 at 10 am. More importantly, learn how not to kill them – even if you think you have a “black thumb.”

And if you have finicky ferns, blossoms that won’t bloom or leaves that are looking low, our experts will be on hand to diagnose and offer possible solutions.

Tiny Gardens: Cool Season Veggie Edition

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Woman Planting Container On Rooftop Garden

Our “Tiny Gardens” series continues with this workshop focusing on cool season veggies and how to care for them – even if you only have a patio to work from.

With help from Warner’s Bedding Department Manager Ansley Roberts, you’ll make container gardens out of upcycled plastic pots with 6-pack veggies that can tolerate frost and cooler temperatures. You can harvest these goodies in 2-3 weeks and, with proper care, they’ll produce through November or longer.

So come by on September 1 and get ready to create a healthy mini garden that will fit your space.

Tiny Garden Series: Cool Season Veggie Edition
10 am, Saturday, Sept. 1
$8 to create a small planter (includes one 6-pack of veggies)
$12 to create a large planter (includes two 6-packs of veggies)

Payment due upon arrival. No RSPV necessary.
Workshop will be held in outdoor paver area, weather permitting. 

Getting Ready for Fall!

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It’s late summer and the tendency is to slow down our gardening efforts. We are harvesting from our veggie gardens, but with the shorter days and kids back at school, our gardens aren’t the high priority they once were.

But transitioning from summer to fall can be incredibly rewarding, and I’d hate for you to miss the opportunity of enjoying the unique joys of this season – not to mention getting your bulbs in for spring.

So here are some items that you should think about as summer turns to fall:

Great fall perennials: The classic, of course, is the wonderful mum, but there are also “tall fall” sedums, Rudbeckia, and gorgeous asters in pinks, whites, and purples.

Cool season veggies: We have a great environment in Northern Arizona for favorites like spinach, broccoli and kale. This is when they need to be planted so they can flourish.

Ornamental grasses: Try some Micanthus, Red Fountain Grass or Japanese sweet flag to put the thrill back in your “thrill, fill, spill” container. (Thrill is your centerpiece, fill is to fill it in and spill are the plants you add to spill over the sides.)

Bulbs for spring: Bulbs will be in stock in early September. Start thinking about where you want to see those tulips, irises, and crocuses next spring and stock up on bulbs next month.

I hope you have an awesome time finding those fall jewels that will extend your enjoyment of this year. Remember, there are still several weeks for you to enjoy the color (and flavor) that can come from your own backyard.

Happy gardening!

Psst – While I’ve got you thinking about fall, here’s a Save the Date for your calendar: Warner’s Nursery will be holding its Family Fall Festival on Saturday, October 20. Full of activities for the kids, refreshments, and lots of fun. Another reason to love fall.